50kW wind turbine installation, Maple Honda, Maple Ontario

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Maple Honda will install a private wind turbine at its new dealership in a unique partnership with Power Stream. In keeping with leading edge technology pioneered by Honda Motor Co. Maple Honda has taken the innovative step of integrating energy efficiency in an automotive work place. “This is a new venture for both Power Stream and our leading regional automotive dealership. Our goal is to provide a tangible model for alternative energy options in Ontario. The Production of wind energy creates no air pollution and, if the turbines are sited properly, has minimal environmental impact.” says Mr. Zanchin. This is the first commercial-scale use of wind power to generate electricity in the region. The wind turbine will provide supplemental wind power to Maple Honda, and will produce approximately 110 MWH/Yr-which is the equivalent of powering 17 homes. It removes 82.5 tons of CO2 emissions/Yr and is completely Canadian made. Maple Honda will open for business in early fall 2006.

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25 Responses to “50kW wind turbine installation, Maple Honda, Maple Ontario”
  1. scudlington says:

    Once again thanks for your answer Fox. Now, I know that they have their place but a £100 billion! On top of that, they seem to be under what I would consider a completely misguided opinion that these 7000 odd giant mills will do the job on their own without any investment in any other forms of gen’. There is talk…and I can see it happening, of not only rocketing bills but also regular power cuts. They have become political because they are banking on the electorate seeing the green agenda…

  2. scudlington says:

    as a bigger vote winner than being more sensible about things. I really do think that we are heading towards a major problem and it’ll only be then, when we have people sitting at home, under candle light, freezing cold that they’ll start to care a little less about Polar bears and the like and start to wonder where the hell it all went wrong.

  3. scudlington says:

    One more thing before I get on. You talk of taking up the slack from diesel gen’. That, I know is fairly straight forward but diesel only accounts for a very tiny percentage of our grid. Infact they are usually only fired up at times of very high demand (half time England Vs Germany). Apart from hydro, the rest, as I’m sure you know is Nuke, coal and gas…one of which is impossible to stop start the other two extremely expensive and wasteful.

  4. Fox22 says:

    The diesel generation was just an example of where this particular machine is used. You are right, nuclear is used for base load supply, wind and other forms like coal and gas are used to volley peak load back and forth with wind as they can easily and quickly be brought online. However, in many areas with good wind resource, turbines can supply much of the base load as well. For example, Denmark has been very successful with wind and are on their way to 20% of their energy comming from it.

  5. Fox22 says:

    The exisitng generation capacity will always be around to power the grid however, by building these turbines they can shed a huge portion of that load. Don’t worry- your traditional generation will always be there and you wont be left in the cold. These machines are also being installed in an extremely high wind resource area such as along coastlines. It is very rare for the wind to “stop blowing” and these installations will be extremely reliable forms of generation.

  6. scudlington says:

    Thanks again Fox. I remember seeing my first large turbine just outside a small town called Swaffem in Norfolk UK sometime around 2002. I think it was rated at 2.2MW and I was mightily impressed and subsequently became very interested. Trouble is, as said the whole issue has now been politicised. I know and I think you know too that wind is actually a very expensive method of gen’ for national purposes. We are now in a very strange political climate, being part of the EU…

  7. scudlington says:

    which for reasons best known to the press and our national leaders is kept as quiet as possible. What I do know is that EU diktats now state that we must supply a certain percentage of our power from ‘renewable’ sources and our government has opted, like all others within the EU for wind. If you’re in the wind industry I guess there couldn’t be better news but for us minion consumers (and I tell you, hardly a single one of them are aware) you will be paying way over the odds…

  8. scudlington says:

    on an already extortionate rate for your energy. There are two main directives…the RO (renewables obligation) and ETS (emissions trading scheme). It’s all supposedly lovely save the planet stuff but its real aim is essentially to charge the customer a great deal more for what is a necessity rather than a luxury which is then returned to governments as almost completely invisible taxes. This I think is the real reason why we are now so keen to be covering our land and as you say sea…

  9. scudlington says:

    with WTs. Anyway, enough of politics and lets get back to the science. Of course I can’t say catergorically because I myself have never stood there and actually measured, but I have read from what I would consider to be fairly reliable sources that a turbine will on average produce over a year about 27% of its rated output. So if you tot this up over our learned governments (sorry, politics again) proposal of 7000 of them your talking the equivalent of just a couple of decent sized CFPSs…

  10. scudlington says:

    for £100,000,000,000!!! And in terms of the all important ‘carbon footprint’ who is to say that 7K individual generators with all that concrete for foundations, logistics, steel, copper windings, massive infrastructure, added complications in terms of frequency to the grid, maintenance…doesn’t add up to the C02 released from a couple of reliable coal stations? I don’t know, haven’t and probably can’t do the math but in the end, I think as a national solution, the whole thing whiffs a bit.

  11. Fox22 says:

    You are indeed very informed on this issue, and I must say I agree with you, but think of it this way – at least they are investing in a green technology – there is much more concrete etc/CO2 emissions involved in building a single power station than thousands of WTs. At the very least, think of it this way – nobody has ever died, or wars been waged while trying to power a wind turbine. There are much worse things they could be spending their money on..

  12. scudlington says:

    Been a pleasure talking to you Fox. Please don’t get me wrong…the environment is of course of paramount importance to all of us and nothing distresses me more (apart from the wife getting angry about money) than the destruction of the rain forests…(bio fuels, but that’s another argument) I love this project that you’ve posted and assure you that I can see the benefits for localised WTs…but as discussed, as a national solution I think it’s a combo of gesture politics and making $.

  13. mmmikeey says:

    Too bad I almost never see it spinning, and I dont live too far.

  14. icanfeelthebeat says:

    hey there, how much does one of these suckers cost? will we see them on buildings any time soon? cheers.

    p.s. …………………..nice music

  15. flyingfarm1 says:

    It does not appear the tower can be climbed for repairs and maintenance. It will take a very expensive crane to work on this windmill. My general impression is that wind generators require a lot of ongoing maintenance.

  16. Fox22 says:

    The only regular maintenance required on this type of unit is changing the transmission oil every couple years depending on the duty factor and wind resource of the machine. Aside from that, the expected mechanical lifecycle is approximately 30 years before requiring a rebuild. Traditionally, these machines are installed on lattice towers.

  17. xxPowerOnxx says:

    I`m looking for information on wind turbines and really don`t know where to start. I have gathered a few vidos in (see my channel) and now Im familiat with I knew this turbines I was wondering if anyone knows more practocall information. I would appreciate any help and if you suscribe to my channel or drop suggestions

  18. greenearthification says:


  19. Fox22 says:

    The average housecat kills more birds per year than the average wind turbine.

  20. URTARDS says:

    I love killing birds!

    COW KILLER!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, yum yum, I’ll take mine med rare 🙂

  21. yojohanincanada says:

    How much is it? That is expensive and its not that big! is it possible to make one urself with the same ificency

  22. crownlounger says:

    is this Entegrity still running? I know the had some issues with their gearboxes, but I have some contacts in Prince Edward Island, where they were built, that have access to parts and service information on this machine. I’m not sure if you have someone servicing it for you, but if interested, just message me, and I’d be happy to help you keep this thing running.

  23. Fox22 says:

    Unfortunately Entegrity did not survive the recession. However, I just drove past it today and it is indeed up and running. The best people to contact would be the owners at Maple Honda in Maple Ontario.

  24. SanRamon6768 says:

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