Aerotecture Wind Turbine

May 7, 2011 by  
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New kind of wind turbine designed by a guy at the University of Chicago. Check it out at

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25 Responses to “Aerotecture Wind Turbine”
  1. imikewillrockyou says:

    @1foxtrot70 I just noticed the other turbine speeds up at the same time. Maybe it was just a wind gust.

  2. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @imikewillrockyou – I have noticed on other videos by other authors similar anamoly. Possibly might be an optcal distortion of some kind?

  3. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @JacobH420 Wind power of any kind. It is too bad our government doesn’t agressively support home power generation with utility as a backup source.

  4. liljohnbigslick says:

    @imikewillrockyou Wind flows down toward the earth which is why most turbine manufacturers tilt the blades at an upward angle.

  5. Vladek385 says:

    @BrianAStier Because, to drill enough deep is very expensive.


    That was AWESOME! But how many people know what your talking about?

  7. lovemyrinker says:

    1.21 JIGGIWATTS!?!??!!?

  8. snow54445 says:

    @1foxtrot70 my grandfather left me a 70 acre farm im going to run it off of a homemade wind generator

  9. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @snow54445 I encourage anyone to put up some sort of alternative energy producing systen i.e. wind, solar, etc. Even though by federal law your local utility is required to purchase your power they always seem to find a way to weasel out of the spirit of the law. In my area it costs $0.083 per kilowatt hr for residential customers and for Co-op customers it is a range of $0.11 to $0.15 per kiliwatt hr.

  10. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @1foxtrot70 – The Net Metering Act here allows for the utility company to slide by claiming a purchase of wind energy at $0.05 per kilowatt hr claiming it is the cost avoidance of having to produce the power and no credit obviously given for the adminstrative costs. To make this a REAL profit in your pocket is set up an alternative energy system then have a service cut-over switch set up to select either your local utility or your own power.

  11. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @1foxtrot70 – By using the cut-over switch you can use utility power when you need to take your system down for repair. The reduces your monthly bill to the minimum that the utility charges for having a meter on your property in my area about $12 per month.

  12. 1foxtrot70 says:

    @OREGONREPTILEMAN They need to rent and watch the movie “Back to The Future”

  13. Vrael1022 says:

    @teenlabotomy89 GREAT SCOTT?!

  14. Vrael1022 says:


  15. egn83b says:

    Cranberries really? this doesn’t even come close to that moment.

  16. jrowe6 says:

    @BrianAStier geothermal is in fact one of the worst ideas ever for getting energy on a large scale. which means that we will have it up and running here pretty soon in the USA and the rest of the world will be bitching about it.

  17. WindPowerKits says:

    Looking at videos today. I like the clip, nice job, have a look at my Home Wind Turbine videos and subscribe or friend me if you like. My patent pending system won a Green Design Contest, check it out.
    Thanks, Sam

  18. MyCarla27 says:

    Beautiful Music !!

  19. Thedarkbluelight says:

    Uk is too cold. Temperature is unreliable at best.
    You could use underground geothermal energy but you`ld have to dig very deep and its expensive.

  20. chuobio says:

    @BrianAStier I think people are worried about inducing seismic activity.

  21. debosomething says:

    Looks like this thing will slice and dice birds into nice little chucks…… not that thats a bad thing. The homeless need to eat to.

  22. windturbinesinc says:

    Nice design! It looks very safe since the blades were inside in a cylinder-like trap that protects the wind turbine’s blades in causing possible accidents. What a great idea. Aside form that, the turbine spins smoothly but fast. Fast movement provides higher energy level in a wind turbine to produce free electricity.

  23. Winterwolf00 says:

    They look like harvester blades.

  24. blacksupra001 says:

    god i havent listened to the cranberries in ages …. awesome song thanks for including it in the clip 😀

  25. CarlVanDoren says:

    Tony from Hurricane windpower has a new protoype generator. The Hurricane Perfect Storm™ 2kW Permanent Magnet Alternator Quad Output™ Made in USA

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