Best Solar Energy Commercial Ever

May 29, 2011 by  
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From Zap Root, Batteries fall from the SKIES!!!

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25 Responses to “Best Solar Energy Commercial Ever”
  1. KOWNR says:

    That was freaking amazing

  2. Wyrmshadow says:

    audio is fucked up for me

  3. BoogsterSU says:

    maybe the falling batteries broke it. lol

  4. zaphraud says:

    what happened to the sound?

  5. iknowyoux says:

    That’s truly amazing! I slashed my electric bill in half! look here: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  6. kazmilahore says:

    i used this ad in my presentation of MBA…in the course of Funadmentals of Marketing…and everybody liked it..
    dont ask about the rest of the presentaion
    really good add.

  7. iBGalaxy says:

    Kick ass commercial, kinda like a scene from a movie.

  8. TheAkb10 says:

    Be smart – don’t pay any more electricity bills. more info: (Copy to your browser’s address bar)

  9. raianur says:

    The audio is messed up. It runs faster than the video and completes up in just a few secs.

    Search “Solon – Solar Energy Commercial” in youtube to get the good version

  10. scientificallygreene says:

    Hey, check out my website at ScientificallyGreener(Dot) com and get all the new and improved Equipments to build or buy your own solar panels and wind energy turbine systems ScientificallyGreener(Dot) com is a website that sells the most modern environmental products available

  11. SPGPINK says:

    a battery

  12. TheGooberment says:

    lol, bad theres no sound

  13. cdowell1976 says:

    @Donovancs1 – I agree! I am so sick of hearing these great programs the government has made for government buildings to go green yet I have yet to see 1 solar pannel atop an airport or municipal building! makes me sick! I think it’s up to us to show them how it’s done.

  14. henrykay01 says:

    I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena which violate the law of conservation of energy. I am looking for $30 000 fora prototype and for $3M for patents. Making a 15 kW generator will cost $1200 in mass production, value of the energy produced yearly about $10 000.
    H. Tomasz Grzybowski
    tel. +48-512-933-540

  15. henrykay01 says:

    I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena violating the law of energy conservation. I am looking for $30000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents. In mass production it will cost $1200 to make a 15 kW generator, value of energy produced YEARLY about $10000.
    H. Tomasz Grzybowski
    tel. +48-512-933-540

  16. SaveDurban says:

    Hope they are re-chargeable batteries.?

  17. shipwreck222 says:

    haha, i thought the music sounded like the soundtracxk from tron

  18. SSparks555 says:

    @cdowell1976 I agree. πŸ™‚

  19. cdowell1976 says:

    @SSparks555 – It would be not only a show of who really cares about our planet but also a demonstration of who really controls things. It’s clear that government doesn’t have it, it only has the illusion of it. The people are who control things.

  20. kennethvanhorn says:

    if you really want to make something work here it is take a parabolic solar concentrator and send light into a mirrored cone shape focal point then send that light into mirrored glass tubing which will send the light into a mirrored box with solar panels in it the solar panels must be cooled by spinning or cooling get to work

  21. standforthmysoul says:

    Renewable energy: the impossible monopoly.

  22. mistermeagain says:

    just as long as the sun is out and it never gets dark and the wind never stops blowing always will need some type of back up

  23. solarday says:

    Very clever

  24. ace1122tw says:

    one day shitty quality videos wont exist…

  25. 11clemmi says:

    Is this a good thing?

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