Energy from the Wind

May 17, 2011 by  
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Purchase: This video demonstrates how to construct a model windmill and then calculate its power output. Includes discussion of Energy, Work, Power, Joules and Watts.

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25 Responses to “Energy from the Wind”
  1. coollegue says:

    merci beaucoup pour les élèves français en classe de collège. C’est vraiment un travail de professionnel.

  2. zepplinjetta says:

    YES, im so glad a science youtube channel is the most subscribed, makes me feel better that a lot of people like science.

  3. animation7king says:

    dude those windmills are like 45min from my house

  4. Captnuendo says:


  5. Chavellanoloro says:

    I think force is =N*9,8 and that is =Kg. (in Spanish: force= masa * aceleración)

    F=0.9N*9.8 –> F=8.82Kg.


    P=22.05J/9sec –>P=2.45Wats

    Perhaps I’m in mistake, I’m not sure :).
    Is thrue i’m in mistake, 8.8Kg of coins is so much.

  6. ashleyfromwi says:

    my x boy friend built wind turbines..they are huge..hazardous..but it is really beautiful to see them all working..

  7. moochickal says:

    thanks for your knowledge

  8. MichaeljacksonAFG says:

    W=F * s

    And P= W / (delta) t

  9. jonyadegari says:

    nice videos
    you kinda look like red from that 70’s show

  10. vitolperri says:

    Very interesting and instructive video.
    I suggest you to product more others similar.
    You use very good mix (audio and video), and everything is very understandable…, also without audio.

  11. kardulis123 says:

    best explanation ever

  12. fabrosin says:

    Thanks for the video…!!Love to see the power calculation done through simple means…!!Also the simple way of making a turbine…!!

  13. maine030596 says:

    i think that this helped me a lot. i ued to not like science. now i find it interesting and fun since there are so many ways to experiment to determine the answer. 🙂 THANKS FOR UPLOADING! =)

  14. SuperDears says:

    i dont understand how do you make energy with that ?

  15. Auslander999 says:

    The one question I have, how does a prop spinning on its own generate any power without the generator? And not too mention the gearbox and brake system that can increase or decrease the speed of a wind turbine.

    Or is this an example of how engineers determine what size prop is needed to turn a generator for optimal efficiency?


  16. deathbyBRs says:

    well thx this helped with my science project

  17. zachster001 says:


  18. xXGamingBossXx says:

    Omg I wish this guy was my science teacher!

  19. derman077 says:

    Thank you for the informative video. I love the pinwheel design A friend of mine built a gigantic one out of metal. bonehome in my list. i will show him this video. Good luck and Godspeed Sir.

  20. enriquegallardo says:

    Great video, very good explanation, thanks

  21. lowhigh0 says:

    thanks,nice video!

  22. acclivitous77 says:

    Fastastic video, great narrator… Well done, very effective knowledge-beacon! 🙂

  23. aqumant says:

    15 people there are more intelligent than this person…


    can it be any kind of paper?

  25. jurc61098 says:

    hey.. what is the size of the wood?? for the base??

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