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May 10, 2011 by  
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With California’s ambitious renewable energy goal, the state needs wind power. But California’s largest wind farm cluster at Altamont Pass unintentionally kills golden eagles, burrowing owls and other threatened birds. Now, wind companies, scientists and environmentalists are working to bird-proof these massive wind farms.

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25 Responses to “Fatal Attraction: Birds and Wind Turbines – KQED QUEST”
  1. Northwesley says:

    my 2cents worth. A few months ago, Suncor Canada was fined $3.2m for the deaths of approximately 1200 birds in a tailing pond for TarSands Oil/Gas production. In the past year, more birds have been killed by the various IWTs near Wolfe Island. I’m having trouble rationalizing that. Everything we build kills wildlife. Unfortunately, around the Great Lakes, the windiest areas are some of the shorelines… which happens to be where the birds are…. mitigations are clear and must be done.

  2. Northwesley says:

    @MandalayWind Your numbers are pointless. Hazards are hazards. We’re talking about the impact of IWTs not the impact of domesticated cats. See my post elsewhere about the Suncor fine for bird kills. P.S. What is source of this data? I’ve been looking for it and can’t find the models/studies that provide this. (Serious question)

  3. lavernedi says:

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  4. NorthernWes says:

    @cathytai Actually, global birth rates are declining drastically. I just read a study that said that “peak population” will occur between 2040-2050. Doesn’t look like we’re breeding like rats anymore. As the big countries (China, India) increase their wealth, the birth rates are dropping.

  5. getplaning says:

    @stealthbeast That’s because the environmentalists are right about all those things.

  6. MegaHolymoly says:

    Birds had it coming anyways.

  7. LotsOMovies says:

    @stealthbeast You can “win” with the extremists by not making any energy by any means ever. Basically, go back to an age when humans didn’t do anything to get more energy other than eating food that was foraged from plants. Of course this condition can’t support a population in the billions, so about 90% of the human population would need to starve or freeze to death. Yay. Thankfully, most of us environmentalists aren’t extremists.

  8. squibblejack says:

    If it were my country i would implement just implement Nuclear power, problem solved.

  9. squibblejack says:

    @MandalayWind Thats because BIG OIL owns us and wipes out any funding for science to come up with a better means of transportation than cars and trucks. Everything in this world today revolves around Big Oil and the car and truck. By the way the gas burning engine is 1890’s technology, i wonder Y were still using it, heheheheheheheheheeeeee

  10. GostosoSPbr says:

    It`s sad to see how allot of humans are extremelly ignorant and Idiot…

    You can see that by the coments (garbage) over the internet

  11. mcdonabe says:

    @MandalayWind A) where did you get those numbers? they sound pretty inflated…. B) when you get the true statistical data, try dividing the number of animals killed by the total number population of that animal living in the United States. Multiple by 100. Do the same for the eagles killed by those wind turbines and the population of the that species of eagles in the country C) Now that i have shown how to think, its up to someone else to teach you how not to sound like an idiot on the internet

  12. mcdonabe says:

    @squibblejack The problem with nuclear power is it is pretty inefficient. Second law of thermodynamics tells us that the temperature of the hot reservoir (fission reactor) plus the cold reservoir (large body water near power plant) divided by temperature of the hot heat source (times 100). Since the danger of meltdowns, nuclear power plants must be run at a much lower temperature, hence you bang for your buck is much smaller.

  13. MrMeddled says:


    Don’t clump all environmentalists together. I don’t see it so much as opposition (excluding coal power) so much as understanding the full implications of chosing any given renewable technology. After all the best solution would be to reduce our energy demand and unsustainable lifestyles, but who the hell wants to part with their fridge? Want to eat the same diet as they did in the 1900s?

  14. MrMeddled says:


    Yeah bring out the deep ecologists or the anarcho-primitivists if you want a real party. Stealthybeast is just upset he cannot burn tires in his back yard any more.

  15. jayce1983 says:

    I realise that birds die in many ways stemming from humans (buildings, cars, plastic bags, pop can holders) but at least the effort to reduce dependencies on fossile fuels should, in theory, be saving all forms of life, including birds.
    I just find it very irritating that the word turban was used over and over again… let the record reflect turbans are worn on heads, and turbines (pronounced like carbine, lupine, pine) are what are displayed here. Learn to pronounce the word properly!

  16. jayce1983 says:

    TurBINES!!!! not turBANS!!!
    turbans are on heads, turbines spin on motors!
    I can’t fathom why every person in this video isn’t bright enough to pronounce the word right!
    (pine tree, lupine, carbine) INE!
    **psh, amuricans***

  17. sublimenal23 says:

    it all comes down to sacrifices. Sacrifice a few birds for some energy. What really needs to happens is california needs to sink into the ocean. Way too many people live there and way too much energy is consumed. My state, for example prduces a lot of electricity that goes strait to LA. What the fuck? We make it, we should use it.

  18. dibnah46 says:

    @jayce1983 lol like when she says febuwery, instead of February.

  19. xlartanislx says:


  20. Ricadani says:

    @MandalayWind Well what ya gunna do

  21. solarday says:

    7.2 million cats in the UK is killing a serious amount of birds. Perhaps there is something out there that is able to scare of the birds before they strike?

  22. teebeaubobo says:

    evolution : birds will learn!

  23. CptFrenchFry says:

    @stealthbeast Whatever made you think environmentalists are interested in serving the planet? Environmentalists are belligerence junkies; $50 says an environmentalist wants to go to war with me over that (and prove my point).

  24. CptFrenchFry says:

    @teebeaubobo My dog’s inability to learn anything puts the theory of evolution on thin ice.

  25. CptFrenchFry says:

    @jayce1983 Wind turbans?? sounds like terrorism!!

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