Homemade Wind Turbine – POC

May 18, 2011 by  
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Here is a proof of concept that I did for a Wind Turbine and Solar charging system connected to a charge controller system. The solar panel is simply two small 5w panels wired in parallel to get 10w of power. The wind turbine is a custom built housing with a small PMA motor connected to 24in blades. The turbine puts out about 100 150 watts on average; however I will likely need to use some type of 2:1 gear setup with more blades to get more efficiency from the motor.

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25 Responses to “Homemade Wind Turbine – POC”
  1. 74drift says:

    very cool

  2. rodwy says:

    @MrLagros droppermyth is just trolling…

    I have 6 (15 watt) panels and some golf cart batteries on my shed. Works really well. I have the 1000w inverter looks just like yours. I love my system and want power some of the house next. I applaud your effort and hope you keep at it!.

  3. bruceandberni says:

    Nice installation. I have 13 of the 15 watt panels, 1 35 watt panel, and 1 100 watt panel. I am very disappointed in the output from my system. I use 3 deep cycle batteries. However, I have not been using a charge controller. I use a 400 watt inverter and about all i do with the system is keep a laptop charged, use 1 cfm low watt light for maybe 4 hours a night, and stil, i run out of power.
    I really want to build a wind gen, but am still researching. .

  4. MrLagros says:

    @bruceandberni Thanks for the comment. If I did my math right, you should have about 330 watts (27.5 amps @ 12v) of power coming from solar. I know most laptop chargers go at about 60 watts (5 amps @ 12v) and assuming 15 watt (1.25 amp @ 12v) cfl light. You are pulling around 6.25 amp hrs for say 4 hours. Seems like you may have a bad battery in your system because I would think on a nice sunny day you would be putting that back in easy. I would for sure invest in a charge controller!

  5. bruceandberni says:

    @MrLagros : Yes, that’s about right. I have to change batteries about every year. I am considering getting a de-sulfator. There is one iv’e seen reviewed a lot here on Youtube, I think they call it the infinitum. Either that, or try to build my own from the many examples also here on Youtube. But I really want to build a wind generator. I am just confused at how to use the excess power, or how to utilize the under power. I am considering using a car alternator for its inbuilt regulator.

  6. buchananfibbing says:

    Free energy has been here all along ,But Millions are spend in supressing that information,Go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints for a genuine magnet motor ,Free yourself!

  7. rccarmadben says:

    @MrLagros lol 8 seconds ago

  8. rccarmadben says:

    @bruceandberni use an old electric bike or scooter motor
    they dont take mutch to spin car alternaters do

  9. texas9735 says:

    wow i been thinking about using wind here at my place for the lights can i use car alternator i have like 20 new ones and i just put blads on them and run them to the battery ?i have never doing anything like this but would love to get it where i am not useing any power from the poll lol

  10. MrLagros says:

    @texas9735 Thanks for watching… Yes and No, a Car alternator usually has to be energized before it can make power, unlike a PMA (permanent magnet). Its probably possible, but I think it would take some figuring to get the alternator powered up before you can create power. Good luck with your projects!

  11. slowfinger2 says:

    @texas9735 Here’s how it’s done with alternators by the old farmers when they want to get power out in the back 40. Small engine (or wind or water) powers a belt that goes around 10 alternators mounted on a big plywood circle. That gives you household current. Use for whatever. You can arc weld with this rig. 20 alternators gives 220 volts. That’s two sets of 10 in paralell. Just need run it with something small, having enough torgue to overcome the resistance from the alternators.

  12. Virginijus86 says:

    super vyrai taip ir toliau šaunuoliai 😉

  13. derman077 says:

    @MrLagros He’s lying to you on purpose. Just to get a rise out of you. It’s a habit picked up by lonely internet people since dubbed “trolls” You’ve been trolled.lol

  14. TXCoindigger says:

    Very Nice start.

  15. daddioskater76 says:

    would like to know more about the “back 40 electricity”, texas9735, do u have a supporting video or photo of what u are talkin about?

  16. ambrose361 says:

    your resistor wires are to small increase the gauage for your dummp

  17. ambrose361 says:

    your resistor wires are to small increase the gauage for your dummp oh yeah raise the turbine 25 or more feet

  18. tongueboy500 says:

    Hey, great system, apologies if other ppl have asked this… is ur turbine outputting ac? if so is ur rectifier in ur charge controller?


  19. MrLagros says:

    @tongueboy500 Thanks for the comment… on this video the turbine is outputting DC, so I don’t use a rectifier, but on some of my other videos, I have used AC output and a rectifier. Given my short distance on the pole, I can’t really tell a difference.

  20. ChickenHater550 says:

    Not trying to brag, but even my setup is better than that and i’m only 22, however you probably tried your best so that’s what counts. 😀

  21. MrLagros says:

    @ChickenHater550 Can we see a video of your system? Checked your channel, and I don’t see anything.

  22. 12speak34 says:

    I am attempting to do my own small turbine but some of the math is confusing me. How many kwh do you get from your turbine?

  23. MrLagros says:

    @12speak34 Good question, the key to this answer is sustained output. I really only see about 55 – 100 watts sustained output from my new rig. It can peak up to 250 watts in large winds, but these are not avg. One thing I would say people need to keep in mind.

  24. crackawise says:

    @ChickenHater550 Or you some jackass that just likes talks shit while hiding behind the keyboard…another internet commando.

  25. brianjoreski says:

    im impressed, you have a very clean setup. thanks for sharing this video. it’s helpful

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