Interview at Fenner Wind Farm in NY

May 9, 2011 by  
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Scott Griffin a local resident who lives in Fenner, talks about why he is supportive of the Fenner Wind Farm.

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13 Responses to “Interview at Fenner Wind Farm in NY”
  1. S567KL says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the Griffin’s experience and opinion on Turbine Farms.

    I wonder though, did the Griffins sign the “gag-order” like every other leaseholder that prevents them from EVER saying anything nagative about the Turbines and related turbine activity on their property?

    I ask because it will help me to determine my own opinion. I look forward to the answer.

    Thanks again for taking the time to make the video

  2. S567KL says:

    Thanks for the reply

  3. mowriter says:

    LOVE the “OPstate new York” dialect…to say nothing of the ENERGY INDEPENDENCE this farm represents.

  4. WindIsNotGreen says:

    The destructive impact that such construction would have, for example, on a wild mountain top, is obvious. Erosion, disruption of water flow, and destruction of wild habitat and plant life would continue with the presence of access roads, power lines, transformers, and the tower sites themselves.

  5. geoffreyphilip says:

    Well done. We should have more of this up and running in New Zealand.

  6. DiVeronica says:

    ic them from my house, shut up hippies they cause no harm

  7. xtremerms says:

    Finally a video that tells the truth about wind energy. Now that the government is onboard expect to see more and more WTG’s coming to a horizion near you.

  8. slingshot731 says:

    Wind farms are a tax write off scam. Notice how he would not say what his income from the project is? I have worked with FPL on 3 wind farms. What a tax payer rip off.
    Do you want to depend on the wind being blowing when you turn on your light switch? Of course not, that energy is still being supplied and held at the ready by the base load thermal power plants. You tree huggers really need to get educated.

  9. lahusso says:

    Property Owners are paid anywhere from $4000.00 to $10,000.00 PER Wind Turbine PER
    year as a lease to have them on their property.If you have 100 Wind Turbines you could get paid an average of $400,000.00
    to over One Million Dollars a year for 100
    of them.

  10. mvlty says:

    …and if he didn’t want to tell his income because it isn’t much, then why would be be all in favor of wind energy? You non-tree huggers may be educated, but you really need to get some common sense 😉
    …Sorry just had to say that hehe

  11. LordEarth69 says:

    they pay you like 200 or more dollors a month for a farm that is dam good money

  12. Hillairwind says:

    @slingshot731 I beg to differ. I also have two turbines here in Fenner. I wouldn’t say what I lease out my land for because it’s my concern alone. I’m sure Scott feels the same way. Wind power has been introduced to NY to SUPPLEMENT the grid, not to be the sole provider. I’m certainly no “tree hugger,” but when you live in a place where there is an AVERAGE wind speed of 17.5 MPH and it takes just 5 to make the turbine generate, it’s a pretty good idea to harness that limitless source of fuel.

  13. Justinbanner21 says:

    I want to do this I live in Hereford AZ and we are always complaining about how windy it is, for $200 the wind would be much more tolerable.

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