Micro Concentrated Solar Power from Sopogy – a green energy seminar

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Google Tech Talks September 18, 2008 ABSTRACT Sopogy is bringing smaller concentrated solar energy systems to the market: Process heat, air conditioning, and power generation. You will hear about the first renewable energy and solar technology to ever be awarded the New Product of the Year by the Society of Professional Engineers. A product will be set up for viewing. Speaker: Al Yuen

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22 Responses to “Micro Concentrated Solar Power from Sopogy – a green energy seminar”
  1. ReeT0ric says:

    Whilst not typically high-tech in nature, this is the sort of solution to the impending energy catastrophe that we should all be embracing. Lobby your government, local government (in partucular) for ‘solar friendly’ policies that put the private individual first.

  2. sugarpuddin88 says:

    Basically EDISON was a business man stealing technologies from people like TESLA (who by the way died bankrupt)

  3. sugarpuddin88 says:

    LEDs are approaching 100% effective (i.e., little lost to heat)

  4. sugarpuddin88 says:

    If instead of sending 5 billion free dollars to Israel every year to kill people, the USA gave grants for battery development, then we would be some where with these technologies!

    Oh yeah! The Government is making money off oil

    Did you know that according to a Presidential Order, American’s cannot invest in Iraq – Only Bush and his buddies can invest (steal) Iraq

  5. HateNeverCeasesHate says:

    great presentation so far. (10 min in)

  6. energysmartnews says:

    Google could use MicroCSP as a solution. Save energy, save money, reduce carbon footprint, green up data centers.

  7. batistablrmods says:

    I love Google tech talks.

  8. meg33y says:

    Even having a small entrance point with a spherical mirror behind it to make the sun rays hit the panel multiple time rather then just the once it does currently. Then using the current mirror focusing system they use now to focus the light through the small opening.

    If the clear panel is possible this could create far higher outputs then currently seen. I know this is based on something that is yet to be made but its still an idea.

  9. meg33y says:

    getting back to electricity production.

    I believe that currently they use mirrors to focus the sun onto the surface of a solar panel. I was curious as to if its posible to create a translucent panel?

    If this is possible then a parabolic mirror could also be placed behind the panel to send the same rays back through the panel creating twice the output and doubling efficiency.

  10. 1Batt says:

    Israel is the ONLY country in the middle east to ever REPAY its LOANS to the U.S. know what you are talking about.. the other arab countries dont pay back their loans to us we just give and give and give… lets stop doing that or make them repay their loans instead of forgiving their debt constantly under pressure from the Saudiis..

  11. RechargeEarth says:

    informative post, thanks!

  12. sugarpuddin88 says:

    The USA “gives” Israel 5 billion “free” dollars a year

    Meanwhile, nearly 50% of the people in Eastern Kentucky are without running water

    Obviously Zionist rule America

  13. 1Batt says:

    Propaganda…Are you from E. Kentucky? I have family and friends near that area..Know what you are talking about dude.. Just making comments isnt good enough.. Israel is the ONLY country in the Entire Middle East to completely repay the USA back of borrowed money.That is a commonly known fact. How about showing the statistics of what you are talking about with the ” 5 Billion” free dollars. Thanks, feel free to reply back to me when you do so.

  14. sugarpuddin88 says:

    1Batt – In re: Kentucky — Rural areas like Kimper, KY have no running water

    “Several times a day, Roger Thacker hauls 5-gallon buckets of water about 50 yards uphill to his mobile home so his family can bathe and do laundry”

    In re: Zionism – I will simply point you here:


    Every bullet fired in the back of the head of a non-jew is bought and paid for by the USA; as are the helicopter and their bombs

  15. sugarpuddin88 says:

    1Batt – All of this is a moot point

    The USA is bankrupt & Oct 1st US Military troops are training to fight American citizens

    US owes 96 trillion it has plundered & pledged to SS & Medicare

    US plundered another 53 trillion from other trusts

    US owes 10 trillion interest to a bunch of private bankers it allows to print money out of thin air

    US owes on 12 trillion Freddie & Fannie; US owes untold to Bernanke’s buddies on Wall Street

    US is over and done with!

    Thank god for my 2nd citizenship!

  16. 1Batt says:

    I think I’d be watching more toward the facist side of trying to take over the world if I were you.
    Thanks, and have a great second citizenship. Try a glass of wine it will lower your blood pressure dude. Sorry everyone for all of this non relevant discussion.. Over and out!

  17. phxfreddy says:

    Yah and the Jews do not do needlessly violent things either do they? Not like the Arabs who lie endlessly with no apparent purpose other than to maintain their petty fiefdoms. Pathetic.

  18. Bigbird5553 says:

    are you kidding? ISRAEL itself is a made up country given to jews by the brits. The brits who never owned it anyhow.. .and the last time they had the land was when the romans were around. On top of the fact the jews themselves agreed not to extend their borders, and 3 years later? they extended them into palestine. Jews can claim a right to it, but let them at least fight for it themselves. That means NO $140 billion dollars(total so far) in American military aid.

  19. Bigbird5553 says:

    When we just throw money at them for free it doesn’t count for much when they pay back some paltry loan amount. Stop aiding israel. start Aiding america….. We Spend 25 billion nation wide on education and , so why should we be giving $5 billion for nothing AND on top of it waste money with military assets posted/dedicated to protect them

  20. piwacket33 says:

    Unfortunately with all the weather-mucking creating cloudy skies, the sun is a much missed stranger in upstate New York.

    :_( I miss the sun. I love the sun. The sun is the source of life and energy for us, it TOTALLY makes sense.

    Also, why use thermal energy to create electricity just to then generate thermal energy.

    Also, eliminating transmission by locating the solar device on or near the building is just so reasonable and obvious.

    I volunteer to be a test subject 4 residential

  21. affluenceclm says:

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  22. lavernedi says:

    Free energy has been here for a while ,But the powerfull Oil business won’t alow common ppl to know this,Go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints for a genuine magnet motor ,Be the revolution!

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