Missouri Winds new wind turbine pma ,the Magnum by MWAS

May 21, 2011 by  
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our website www.mwands.com Were showing actual outputs of our new magnum wind turbine motor on our test vehicle at Missouri Wind And Solar. Real outputs, not BS charts and graphs. Were showing the test vehicle, actual amps, volts and speed and the amount of Raptor Generation 4 blades used for the test. Jeff, Missouri Wind And Solar, Seymour, Mo.

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24 Responses to “Missouri Winds new wind turbine pma ,the Magnum by MWAS”
  1. fragmat says:

    very nice work jeff

  2. jeffmolly1 says:

    @fragmat Thanks, next video will be much better.
    Jeff, MWAS

  3. shawn5042 says:

    When you showing more of the motor?Good output what were the final #s

  4. helloman1976 says:

    Looks good Jeff… I do have a question for you, it looks like the turbine is exposed to the elements and with copper that would cause it to turn green and corrode. I assumed it looked like this for testing but what does the final product look like or is this it? My concern is that overtime it would become progressively damaged being exposed to the sun/wind and rain etc…

  5. theidler69 says:

    great videos jeff, as always informative and straight talking. keep up the good work.

  6. mccunecp says:

    looking good and I say screw the dam chinees

  7. WORRO01 says:

    Very nice Jeff, thanks for sharing!

  8. Schweizer135 says:

    Looks like a ceiling fan motor, brushed brass indoor shroud and small gage windings. Is it? Nice test stand I’d say.

  9. MarinePrepper says:

    seriously i love you guys i will be buying ffrom you when i can afford to do so

  10. jeffmolly1 says:

    @helloman1976 The motor is going to have a back cover and little different mounting plate. It is completely sealed and made for being exsposed to the elements. It has been in the weather for 1 year, snow, ice and rain doesnt harm it.
    The windings in a car alternator are exsposed to ice, rain etc. and don’t corrode. There coated and designed for that purpose.

  11. jeffmolly1 says:

    @MarinePrepper Thank you.Unfortuanitly the Chinese wind turbine dealers and pushers do not LOVE us.
    Go figure.

  12. MarinePrepper says:

    @jeffmolly1 lol no doubt

  13. jeffmolly1 says:

    @Schweizer135 No it is not, We had it designed for us. The outer drum is 1/4″ thick steel, very heavy.

  14. Mastapianis says:

    Great video Jeff as always! Let us know when the new motor is ready for sale.

  15. jeffmolly1 says:

    @Mastapianis Thank you. It should be ready for sale in about 2 weeks.

  16. NewJura says:

    Jeff is that an axial flux?

  17. jeffmolly1 says:

    @NewJura No it is not.

  18. NewJura says:

    @jeffmolly1 whats is its configuration?

  19. aintgonnaworrynomore says:

    Great video.

  20. jeffmolly1 says:

    @NewJura Trade secret.

  21. NewJura says:

    oh you sneaky guy!!!

  22. jeffmolly1 says:

    @mccunecp I am with ya on that one. Check out leamys new video on his fantabuolus wind turbines from China.
    It will crack you up. Different blades on one from his friends at windy. He also had to screw on new metal tails to keep them in the wind, but keep in mind there engineered in China and absolutly perfect. There light years ahead of us ya know.

  23. losttreasurehunt says:

    That is to cool

  24. jeffmolly1 says:

    @fragmat Thank you John.

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