Next Generation of Cheap Solar Cells

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****Since all the comments seem to be either 100% positive or 100% negative about this solar technology i would like to clear up some some misconceptions. First of all I’d imagine that takes years to set up the the precision equipment for 2 of the largest solar panel manufacturing plants in the world and be able to print solar photo cells as fast as newspaper. After the plant was completed in 2007 the first focus was on commercial uses and their first costumers where municipal utility companies. This sounds to me like a good business tactic to help you establish a successful business from the start. Next they started offering it to electrical contractors as part of a beta testing process so they can work out the kinks that arise from scaling down their panels from large commercial ones to the ones that you can use on your house. That is where were at today. After the beta testing they will start offering them to the general public. Their website even has a place to enter your email address to be notified when this technology will be available to you the home owner. Its a process and that apparently some people out there believe happens over night. This company immediately got more financial backing then needed. Google is one of the biggest investors so I believe its all legitimate. There are two benefits from the use of alternative energy. It will save you money but also it means that energy produced is done so with out creating pollution. This is good for everybody. Even

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25 Responses to “Next Generation of Cheap Solar Cells”
  1. breeannaqktjbl says:

    Free inexhaustible energy is real!But the big oil corporations don’t want that technology revealed,Get a REAL working magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Let the revolution begin!

  2. xadam2dudex says:

    I saw this program on TV but u know this won’t get to the public the oil and power utilities won’t allow it..they’ll be bought out before long and locked away

  3. imrealserious says:

    @kimmer6 I was speaking with a professor at my university about this recently.. those are already on the market. They are going to cost a little more but I think he said something like an 8 year pay back…

  4. ScruffyMug says:

    So THIN, that the dust and molds would block most of the light in time ? You pressure wash your home and the Ciggs go out ? THINK MAINTENIANCE !

  5. HeavyMechanics says:

    Thank you for the excellent video and also the patience required to explain simply business models in your description. Personally I wouldn’t listen to any of the incredibly dense comments and only pay attention to those people who can demonstrate they have at least a few working brain cells in their noggin.

  6. HouseOfStrength says:

    @HeavyMechanics Thank you for the advice; )

  7. esolarpanelscheap says:

    Technology is ever changing. You can make your own panels for very cheap. This looks like a commercial plug for a corporate company. You’ll probably have good luck with selling them to big business.

  8. imrealserious says:

    @rush3734 they have one on the backside where you can’t see, its soo effective that it powers the whole building. jk

  9. catrol says:

    What poor people in the world are going to break their backs and lives mining this stuff? Going green to save the world or going green to ruin it some more?

  10. HeavyMechanics says:

    @catrol It’s a good possibility that in the future you won’t need to mine resources, they will be assembled out of something like quantum dots. Point is that research into new technologies and materials makes sense even when it doesn’t seem immediately viable for mass usage.

  11. fireofenergy says:

    Copper, indium, gallium, and selenium… Hmmm, is there enough to cover tens of thousands of square miles, or even hundreds of thousands for a solar powered world? Might be best just to automate every step possible of the tried and true silicon PV cells. China is now doing that…

  12. kennethvanhorn says:

    take those panels and put them in the basement.first you take a parabolic solar concentrator and put an robotic arm on it to follow the suns path.then make the focal point a mirrored shape cone that will send the light down through mirrored glass tubing straight into a mirrored shape glass box inside the mirrored shape box will be several solar panels that spin to keep them cool the mirrored box must have the mirrors inward to reflect the light sending from the parabolic focal point.ken van horn

  13. thegipper77 says:

    Never ever happen….Nanosolar has been at this for years now with no results except providing for energy companies and large scale industrial..imagine that? Public service commission will make damn certain that this company will never sell these panels for 1/10th of current panels. Where would the incentive for staying with your local “Extension Cord” Company? And then where would the PSC and that company be?

  14. justgivemethetruth says:

    I think more than one company wants to reduce their costs but not pass that on to the customer so we get cheaper electricy.

    I don’t see solar cells dropping in cost anywhere … all these things sound great, but like electric cars or LED lightbulbs the costs to save energy will not help anyone because the price is so high no one can afford them.

    I think either they get with the program, or the government should threaten to nationalize them.

  15. sandustanBrasov says:

    The test for nuclear fusion realisation on Tokamak’s installations and with LASER cannot bring anything new for the energetics’ future. I bind the thermonuclear controlled reactor schedule by the Sun model , by the reactive electromagnetic motor schedule from Palenque stone’s tombe. You see the my project for thermonuclear controlled reactor.

  16. sandustanBrasov says:

    The test for nuclear fusion realisation on Tokamak’s installations and with LASER cannot bring anything new for the energetics’ future. I bind the thermonuclear controlled reactor schedule by the Sun model , by the reactive electromagnetic motor schedule from Palenque stone’s tombe. You see the my project for thermonuclear controlled reactor.

  17. InfernoFuture says:

    The Illuminati and masons are blocking the cheap technology that’s here for a long time.Of course just a paranoid conspiracy theory (although the inventor was informed about the blocking himself). I know about a technology developped completely that uses only 1/10 of solar cells, uses prism mirrors, adds a heat converter that uses the heat given out from the cells, too. But where would we come, if Satanist Rockefeller and hisworldwide puppets did stop their exploitation of people?

  18. alexwohlbruck1 says:

    nice camera, where’d you get yours?

  19. cdreid9999 says:

    There are a lot of nuts commenting here who are incredibly uneducated and cant seem to find time to read up on science but find time to listen to right wing idiots or conspiracy theories.

    Solar is here and it works folks. Its advanced to the point you can carry a small foldable solar array in a backpack to charge up your laptop while camping. It isnt ultracheap and wont be for a bit, wind is better. But solar is great for a lot of things.

  20. oldguyfromcalifornia says:

    Why don’t these products ever seem to make it to market at the promised savings? Does the market drive the price up? When Walmart starts selling these things then we’ll know they’ve arrived.

  21. HonKyTanKMaN says:

    What is there website ?

  22. snyderlampone says:

    new technoology always cost alot at first, becuase of research and product development, sometimes polotics and govnment get in the way to keep someone honest or keep people safe. I remember when a VCR was $800 now you can get one for $5.99 at a thrift store. the difference the VCR allowed you to record your favorite TV shows and solar power will allow you to save money. Supply and demmand – if everyone in america decided we want it tommorrow and would pay for it, the price would go down.

  23. EndTheFedRes says:

    I’ve called them 2x in the last 2 years. Nano Solar does not sell retail, only commercial and industrial. This don’t make sense, because if it is cheaper as claimed then they could own the retail market (a solar revolution), but they choose not to.

  24. jeffthecoder says:

    @EndTheFedRes *coughcough* *google is one of their biggest investers cough*

  25. jeffthecoder says:

    @EndTheFedRes *coughcough* *google is one of their biggest investers cough*

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