Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part2

May 29, 2011 by  
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We have 2 Evergreen Solar panels 180 watts each, Tristar 60Amp Controller, 2, 400 watt Air-x wind generators, about 8 marine deep cycle batteries from walmart now. A 250A DC breakerbox from Midnight Solar, Xantrex DR-2412 2400Watt Inverter, and a Reliance transfer switch. So far the system has cost about 00 with everything overbuilt to be upgradeable with more solar panels as soon as we get some more funding! More videos soon lots has changed since winter has set in.

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25 Responses to “Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part2”
  1. mrbuki77 says:

    If you are truly worried about his wiring, then since you are the electrician, why don’t you leave some positive constructive advice for shonerboner. I have taken all the advice from my next door neighbor- who is a master electrician for 15 yrs. And I am bringing my system up to code. Not that there is much code for running 12v wiring and systems in your home.

  2. RCEbooks says:

    Yeah, that’s nice. I watch out for my own Solar Ebook buyers to make sure they don’t get into trouble with this stuff. As I have sold close to 1600 copies of the thing and never expected to sell any! As to your claim about insurance paying out: You expect me to believe that IF any of this caused a fire and it is traced to his experimental gadgetry: an insurer is gonna pay out? In this economy??? HELLO??? Are all the components UL listed? Did an electrician check off on it for him?

  3. RCEbooks says:

    Let’s put it another way: Do you think it’s particularly intelligent to build a solar system in a region where 1) it gets to -40 at night with windchill, 2) from Oct. to May, you can expect snow, 3) Sunlight is reduced by 60% during this period, 4) It’s always windy? I tell my readers NOT to get crazy with this shit, or you turn into a crazy internet shut-in like “Boner” here! I think that’s pretty clear. Oh, and RFID doors: There is no crime there cause there’s no people up there! “You betcha!”

  4. RCEbooks says:

    Here’s your “Positive constructive advice”: Get the FUCK outta North Dakota where you can’t go out half the year and the women are shaped like pears! DUH!!!

  5. mrbuki77 says:

    Yeah , they will pay for collateral damages. Never the actual item that that caused it. In this case it would not be the entire system, but the specific item. Such as a wire between items. Or a meter and such. Whats really funny is that the ins. co. would pay to replace all of the other solar items that were damaged by the fire. If you look at your policy, you under exclusions of coverage. You won’t find any solar being excluded from coverage. It’s not me telling you its covered.

  6. Viking9280 says:

    Shoner keep up the good work take no notice of the PRICK from RCEbooks

  7. OBXSOLWIND says:

    What a shame dont leave North Dakota for sun. Ever heard the saying its a small world ? You could end up moving next to that PRICK. Great job every bit helps. The power companies are sending compact fluorescent bulbs to there customers. The PRICK will be sitting in the dark while you and I will have lights,fridge,tvand satalite. Good job keep it up. CHEERS WINDY NC

  8. Lanny615 says:

    Nice little solar system there. Mine is a little smaller than yours and im very pleased with it so far. I have upgraded a bit since my video, so please take a look at it. I do get a lot of encouragement when i see vids like yours. Greetings from sunny Jamaica.


    great videos dude

    wonder when u step it up a noch
    to actually get a check from the utility company

    maybe that would shut up crybaby rcebooks and his crybaby hil billy bunch

  10. MrWeedluv says:

    how much would you estimate you have spent .. great way of getting power i agree 100%

  11. shartne says:

    Is the hydrogen gas a concern I am thinking about buying some of these deep cycle marine batteries at walmart but I want to put this in my house and I was not going to be able to vent them will it blow up my house?

  12. nomoreremakes says:

    Vent them to the outside.

  13. irocx29 says:

    Nice 180 Watts solar panels. Nice ty for video.see ya . 180/s

  14. sirmasterpimp says:

    I have one right next to my desk (everstart maxx group 29 deep cycle). I put it in a battery box with a small pc fan that I never use, unless I am running a big load with the inverter / ups. I haven’t had any issues yet, because the hydrogen disperses quickly in a medium to large sized room. Only if you are doing some serious charging / discharging should you worry about the gas. Want to avoid the gas issue all together ? Get an optima or some other AGM sealed deep cycle battery.

  15. davevanden1 says:

    i am doing the same thing with mine but they now have the transfer switch with 6 breakers all in one box its a generator panel

  16. Keveeee2000 says:

    I would like to put together an on grid system.
    I would love to see my meter turn backwards.
    I guess you have to have the proper switch in place to turn power off to the grid in the event of a power outage. I’m still trying to look into that.

  17. ruckus1972 says:

    i was wonder if you can make an instructional video on how you made those solar panels?and if you learned how to improve the panel you made and share that also.

  18. johnnylifeson says:

    Very Nice !!!

  19. rroge5 says:

    a good system should automatically switch back to utility power like a ups in a way

  20. Lanny615 says:

    @mrbuki77 Stupidity insurance…lol. Nice.

  21. Lanny615 says:

    @mrbuki77 We get lots of hurricanes here in Jamaica, my small solar system runs perfectly during/after a hurricane, i got lights when other people are lighting candles. Best investment i have made in a long time.

  22. knamend says:

    Awesome..thankyou sooooo were very thorough,

  23. buchananfibbing says:

    REAL Free energy technology exists!But the Establishment doesn’t want ppl to know this,Get the blueprints for a real Magnet motor free enegy machine at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Big change is comming soon!

  24. js111410 says:

    they onely last 300 cycles
    on the battery

  25. windsolar1 says:

    Awesome Video! very interesting

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