PS 10 Solar thermal power station –

May 28, 2011 by  
Filed under Wind and Solar – PS10 New 11 MWe Solar thermal power station based on power tower concept in Spain

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25 Responses to “PS 10 Solar thermal power station –”
  1. judemanganti1 says:

    How about using magnifying lenses to intensify solar heat towards the boiler? A lesser area would be needed.

  2. judemanganti1 says:

    How about using magnifying lenses to intensify solar heat? It could save space.

  3. powerplantnl says:

    solar energy is incredibly inefficient

  4. etellurian says:

    YouTube recommended this video. This type of technology is perfect for the desert.


  5. pharyngealized says:

    Solar is the ONLY green way of producing energy.
    More resources have to be invested into its progress.

  6. xrockthe40ozx says:

    @vanmemet Amen Brother.

  7. krzintegraboi says:

    @pharyngealized nope zero point field energy ultimate green energy and needs less space and produce a lot more power.

  8. krzintegraboi says:

    ummm putting millions in the sahara desert to power europe?? how about millions in the sahara desert to power the many countries on the african continent since it is their land.(stop trying to continue to steal from the people of that continent)

  9. henrykay01 says:

    I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation (and also experimental evidence of such phenomena). Making a 6 kW generator will cost $1200, value of the energy produced yearly $5400, zero operating costs. I am looking for $300 000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents.
    H. Tomasz Grzybowski
    tel. +48-512-933-540

  10. fatehcorp says:


    how you say so

  11. ImTheCanadianEh says:

    Lies about not having any Green House gases.. water vapour is a green house gas.

  12. amberjacksolar says:

    This looks great. Harnessing solar energy can prove to be immensely useful. Spain walks a mile ahead with this one.

  13. visualkei72 says:

    The only part about this whole idea that fails, is concentrating such a high dependence of power in a fucking desert.

    Can anyone else see the vulnerability of placing the source of our power in an isolated area like that? It’s just asking to be graped.

  14. elevown says:

    @krzintegraboi Hopefully you are just joking. thats psuedoscience rubbish from star trek etc lol.

    Try reading up on it.

  15. mhlubs says:

    love it how can we get one

  16. MikaelLAOhman says:

    What makes you think this would be higher risk than anything else? They are producing 11 MW, which would be less than 0.1 percent of spains energy consumption, which is still good since its completely green.

  17. badsign1980 says:

    he was talking about sahara deseret. actually morocco would be a good idea, south portugal spain near north africa is the best for all thermal solar, i think all solar facilities are best then turbines one in spain overheated and caused a fire

  18. visualkei72 says:

    @MikaelLAOhman I’m talking about the threat of being overtaken, destroyed, captured, etc. If we rely on a power source that is located in an isolated desert, we risk providing adequate security to protect the facility.

  19. mrSnoopcheri says:

    How much dose it cost to make

  20. screezwiitz says:

    @vanmemet: decentralization’s not only necessary for this kind of energy. we know that from p2p networks where there are leechers, seeders and peers. nearly everybody being able to transform energy to scales that are useful for us humans as well as being connected in an energy cloud gives maximum stability and maximum independence for nearly every single household.

  21. generalgeert says:

    Its part of a greater project; A 300MW plan in that area. If that is being realised its a significant amount (over 1%). and it covers only a small area on land. One big advantage in this system is that they also have power at night. A big problem with PV driven solar projects.

  22. generalgeert says:

    The PS10 has cost a total of €35 Million. After finishing it still has 300 Maintenance and service jobs. (i couldnt find what the anual cost was of running the plant)
    It delivers electricity for a total of €5.1Million per year.

  23. 2009zigi says:

    Such power plants in the sahara could be used to harness hydrogen from water, transport it where it’s needed and harness electricity via hydrogen fuel cell. Looks like arabs won’t bankrupt that fast after all.

  24. CutayyRochelaa153 says:


  25. aloisgault says:

    It is a mixed bag to get where we may need to go. A family house would combine, some sort of Solar, Wind, and Biodigester for the homes organic waste- that would give you methane. The methane is used to cook and heat. Energy storage would be in Methane Tank and Batteries/Compressed air.

    Big citys and heavy industry= nuclear source, no greener way to get the concentrated power needed.

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