Renewable Energy Solution of the Month: Wind – Part 2

May 29, 2011 by  
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To help support Climate Denial Crock of the Week Go to If the first wind video is blocked in your area, try here I couldn’t fit nearly enough into my first wind video, and many of the unused clips address questions that viewers have since asked. Interconnecting wind farms Denmark number one No impact on property values US DOE Wind 20% by 2030 Mitigating Bat impacts Renewables in Colorado

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25 Responses to “Renewable Energy Solution of the Month: Wind – Part 2”
  1. ctvwr says:


    I know you think that thousands of independent researchers are all colluding in what would be the grandest hoax ever perpetrated for no apparent reason. Your thought process is EXACTLY the same as the creationists who claim that evolution is a vast scientific conspiracy.

  2. Thisawareness says:

    @00dfm00 Many states actually have global Warming funds in their budgets, so obviously the incentive is to have AGW, not against it. The governor of NJ just took the 60+ millions of NJ tax dollars and used it for other projects, I’d judge by his actions that he doesn’t believe it, as many states in the Northeast have had unseasonably cool weather. Last few summers, some of the coolest in recent years. Early 90’s were the hottest, cooling off since then

  3. awreslr2 says:

    Gosh do I love your videos! And I see you even manage to garner a few of those anti-government anti-Communists to watch and comment. I like your retorts, but I bet that those replies go right “over the heads” of the anti-Communists who seem rather clueless to see the whole picture.

  4. 803brando says:

    you should have included the thermal out put of controlled plasma burns.The ITER tokamak uses a Deuterium- tritium fusion reaction . 1 litre of sea water has 33 milligrams of deuterium within it. tritium is produced by the Deuterium- tritium fusion reaction, and is captured during the process. It fuels itself in a way. for comparison, a 1000MW coal plant uses over 2 million tones of coal per year, a tokamak fusion based thermal out put plant would use 270 kilos of 2H and 3H per year.

  5. greenman3610 says:

    most of my responses are either to amuse myself at 3 am, or to add something that fair minded lurkers may find useful.

  6. greenman3610 says:

    fusion is always, it seems, just 30 years away from reality.

  7. 803brando says:

    @greenman3610, The project is set to be completed in 2013, the first demonstration of the thermal output of fusion will be in 2018. The research has been going on for over 25 years. Its reality, and the research is done.

  8. greenman3610 says:

    that’s good news. please let me know about new developments.

  9. 803brando says:

    @greenman3610 for sure, also, not sure you heard about sterling engines. Stirling Energy Systems got a contract with so cal edison for 30,000 stirling engine systems over the next 20 years. might not be significant but every alt energy source is valuable, some areas where theres no wind they could use stirling systems, or where theres not much sun they could use wind turbines. sorry if i insult your intelligence, i am just excited we, human beings, are moving in the right direction.

  10. greenman3610 says:

    right – sterling engines are one way to convert solar energy.

  11. glennjgd says:

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if you are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just search for the LT MAGNET MOTOR in the youtube video search , it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  12. perplexfraction says:

    The time has come for Free energy to be revealed ,But there are very powerfull forces that want to supress the technology,Find this technology at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,The revolution begins!

  13. kitrana says:

    idsnt the fact that wind power can be put up very quickly compared to the 10 year time frame of a conventional plant also a big thing in it’s favour?

  14. greenman3610 says:

    yes, huge, when you consider the financing costs of a 5 billion dollar coal plant or 10 billion dollar nuclear project over a decade or more.

  15. Seano71 says:

    I was right under a windfarm and they noise they make is minimal. Nobody could hear them 200 yards away

  16. hatemowinglawn says:

    Kill fewer Bats and Birds by changing the color of the turbines so that they do not attract as many insects.

  17. greenman3610 says:

    Bottom line.
    No loss of property values in areas adjacent to wind farms.

  18. greenman3610 says:

    simple solutions to what is really a very small problem.

  19. R4t10n4L says:

    Recent came across an energy storage technology called the Gravity Power Module.
    Looks interesting but it’s very new; sort of a vertical pumped storage using a giant piston and a sealed water column

  20. MrHicks091 says:

    @hatemowinglawn Each new generation of Wind Farm kills fewer birds than the one previous, due to much better siting & improvements in designs. Indeed, most of the reputation of wind farms as bird-killers is mostly down to the much older wind farms in California. I mean, would bird preservation societies really support wind farms if their reputation was as bad as some people claimed?

  21. MrHicks091 says:

    @greenman3610 They are, by far, the best way of converting solar thermal energy-because they’re the most modular system, & they’re the easiest to build energy storage into without extra cost.

  22. MrHicks091 says:

    In time, I believe battery technology will have advanced far enough that you will just be able to build sufficient storage capacity into the base of each windmill. Until then, though, I still say VRBs are the best method for capturing excess wind energy for later use.

  23. MrHicks091 says:

    Studies have also shown that, at a distance of 500m, a wind farm generates no more noise than you’d get from a rural background-at night no less. Sometimes I think people just hear what they want to hear!

  24. MrHicks091 says:

    Also, isn’t it funny how the noise of wind farms magically disappears the moment you pay someone money to site them on their property. Indeed, its only the people who didn’t get the money who seem to have a problem with wind farm noise!

  25. greenman3610 says:

    that’s a real phenomenon

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