RV solar panel

May 12, 2011 by  
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www.solarpowerfast.com RV solar panels are a great way to power your appliances when you are on the move.

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8 Responses to “RV solar panel”
  1. builtSOLARPANEL says:

    WOW, I am the first to make a comment.
    I have built solar panels by myself. Learn on my channel…how to…

  2. WinbookXL3 says:


  3. METALMAN4Wii says:

    As long as the AC is running off a fully charged battery yes it should work. but how long will it run for is the real question…….?

  4. Kytess4 says:

    These people aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box.

  5. basejumper1265 says:

    In short, its not something that you should even try. its just WAY to expensive and would require WAY more than you want to spend.

  6. basejumper1265 says:

    thats just to run the A/C, not to include pumps, lights, refrig, etc. So you would need about 3500 Watts. In order to store the amperage that you would need if you use 100 AMP Deep Cycle batteries and lets so you don’t get them past 60 % depleted you have 40 AMP out of each one you can use. With the air conditioner running 13,200 watts thats 12Volts at 1100 Amps. At you being able to use 40 Amps of a 100 Amps battery you would need 28 100 amp hour batteries.

  7. basejumper1265 says:

    an Airconditioner will not run on Solar. You would have to have SO MANY WATTS and BATTERIES that it would be near impossible. If you do the math. The A/C she has runs at about 10 Amps and 110 Volts, that 1100 Watts an hour. She stated that it got VERY hot where she was, so lets say it will run 50% of the time. out of a 24 hour day that would be 13,200 watts a day that this unit will take to run. If you get 5 ours of sunlight you would need at least 2600 watts worth of solar panels.


    I enjoyed your video and I say good for you! Can’t wait to do it too! See you out there!

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