Small Wind Turbine Performance Comparisons – Reality Check

May 14, 2011 by  
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Compares the Real World Watts of installed small wind turbines. Windynation Windtura 750, Windmax HY400, and car PMA units are featured. Make sure your supplier can prove their numbers. Do not just take their word for it. Windblue is the only credible car PMA based turbine supplier I have found. Most of the others just use hype and BS hoping you’re too stupid to realize what’s going on. Don’t fall for it. Another trick to watch out for are those bashing Chinese turbines or PMAs, when in fact, theses have proven to be far better performers than ones based on Delco alternators that are gutted and juice-up by guys hoping to make a quick buck on worth of parts. This is always coupled with a promise of incredible power “potential.” Again, don’t fall for it. I have no association with any supplier. I’m an independent Engineering consultant.

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3 Responses to “Small Wind Turbine Performance Comparisons – Reality Check”
  1. mdhization says:


  2. definitionofis says:

    I saw one car PMA design, which had a few single loop conduction paths in the frame, which reminded me of the high current loop in induction motors.
    I have a hunch that path gets energized during spin and creates an internal waste of heat and huge Lenz resistance. I think it was an accident in the design modification.

  3. scamsearcher says:

    This is great- I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge

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