Solar And Wind Update In Southern Virginia More Power VIARLOCITY

May 16, 2011 by  
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I finally Got My system done for a while I am self Sustained In wind and solar Power with 8 Kyocera Solar Panels 135 watt 12 volt in series to make 24 Volt PLUS 2 UL-Solar /Solartech 125 Watt Panels !! also 6 27 Series AGM 90 Amp Hour Batteries 12 wired in series Parallel I have MorningStar TS-60 MPPT Charge Controller also a Missouri wind & Solar All In One wind Charge Controller And Bogart Trimetric 2025A Battery Monitor and OutBack GTFX 2524 Im In Heaven I now have A Total of 1.330 Kilowatts Of Solar / PV And 500 Watts Of wind Power Altogether That is 1.830 Kilowatts of Photovotiac Power / Solar & Wind

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16 Responses to “Solar And Wind Update In Southern Virginia More Power VIARLOCITY”
  1. leamyvideo says:

    Thanks Kenny. Looks awesome. Man you have come a long way. Looks like there is still more room on that roof. LOL. I love the system.
    Thanks for the post and i always look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the great work buddy!!

  2. kvusmc says:

    @leamyvideo Your Welcome Brother Anytime Yeap I am Making real Power Now Bro

  3. wtam69 says:

    You spent big bucks in your system but I think it’s well worth it. I’m sure you get a lot of satisfaction tinkering and improving what you have. I know that’s why I do it anyway.

  4. shartne says:

    Great equipment for solar just what I wish I had.

  5. kvusmc says:

    @shartne Im Getting There Buddy it just takes time To get it all together

  6. kvusmc says:

    @wtam69 Yeah Buddy I love It Being Self Substantial Yes I would do it all Over again Buddy

  7. sugerbear520 says:


  8. kvusmc says:

    @sugerbear520 Thanks Buddy I’m Getting there

  9. MrJohn196741 says:

    good video

  10. MrHorsetail says:

    Absolutely awesome. Do you have an estimation on how many kilowatt hours you are receiving on a clear day?

  11. kvusmc says:

    @MrHorsetail Yes sir On a Good Clear day I am Putting Out 7.100 Kiowatt Hours This Is My Power shop all The Power I produce Goes to My House & 2 Other Buildings Plus when The Power Is Out I still Have Power I 6 AGM 90 Amp Hour Batteries

  12. kvusmc says:

    @MrJohn196741 Thanks Buddy

  13. TheBillythekid2010 says:

    Hey Kevin, Thats a really nice setup now, I was wondering what size wire your using to connect the solar ? But it’s been a long time sense you put up a vid glad to see your fine, Buddy.

  14. WORRO01 says:

    Buddy I wish I had 25% of your know how on this stuff!
    Thumbs UP~~John
    Awesome awesome system bro!

  15. kvusmc says:

    Heck Buddy I just did alot reading & Learning and watching Videos & Planet Green Thanks Buddy for the compliments Brother

  16. kvusmc says:

    @TheBillythekid2010 Im Using # 10 AWG for My solar Panels to my Combiner Box Then I am Using # 6 Awg From My Combiner box to My Charge conroller & DC Disconnect Box Bro Plus My Bare # 6 Copper Ground

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