Solar Cell Technology in 2009 and Beyond

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(November 11, 2009) Michael McGehee, Professor and Director of the Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics at Stanford, discusses the state-of-the-art in currently competing solar photovoltaic technologies, including the future prospects and potential problems involved with each. Stanford University Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics http Stanford Energy Seminar Stanford University Channel on YouTube http

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4 Responses to “Solar Cell Technology in 2009 and Beyond”
  1. UgoUmeh says:

    Extremely technical and great presentation which talks about the different advantages/disadvantages of various PV technologies. He also explains the technology used by various PV manufacturers.

    Lyndon Rive’s (CEO of SolarCity) presentation is also quite informative.

  2. jmz388 says:

    I apreciate the balanced discussion focusing on technology but mentioning economic and other aspects..we need more focus on goals and targets for society so that we can optimize usage to places with many solar hours and solar peek loads

  3. distillingpro says:

    a-Si:H solar cells are only ~5-10 nm thick so what he says about the time to deposit a 0.3 mm thick layer is not really relevant.

  4. okjugak says:

    thanks. very informative.

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