Solar Cell

May 2, 2011 by  
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Purchase: An explanation of how solar cells work. Suitable for an introduction to solar energy.

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25 Responses to “Solar Cell”
  1. lejink says:

    @btigtime2 was going to ask the same thing!

  2. itsabomberscope says:

    Great video thanks for making it. Its astounding the amount of energy that is out there.

  3. rax2099 says:

    Happy New Year!

  4. Xbox360Rulesz says:

    you too

  5. tinosnit says:

    Bah. Long live coal!

    Anyway, back to work on my dome…

  6. prodigio2k says:

    thanks for the video

  7. musa0217 says:

    i wish there is 100% that take from the sun !

  8. Bugglesfan79 says:

    Yet another astounding video! 5 stars from me!

  9. chinguidinsky says:

    This is a great video, I always wondered how those solar panels worked lol 5 stars from me to.

  10. briansmobile1 says:

    GREAT illustrations and clear explanations! THANK YOU!

  11. MrWajax says:

    I’ve always had an interest in Solar Power. Thanks for making this video!

  12. adfkjgvdjfvbdbvdkjvb says:

    this is excellent! thank you & happy new year

  13. Battlefield2Pilot says:

    Fantastic once again.

  14. Maartenn100 says:

    It’s great that you give this valuable information to the world for free. And ‘free’ does not mean that the quality is low. It’s the opposite of it. Very clear. A lot of work. Again: Thank you!

  15. SnowKitingVegan says:

    This is an amazing channel. Great information about energy and about Solar cells. Thank you!

  16. consueloq says:

    Excelente video. Great video! Thank you.

  17. UsamaHamayun says:

    The video mentioned new generation solar cells at the end.can any1 plz tell me about this.

  18. forsalololo95 says:

    You make me wanne learn more ;):D

  19. barbalote2 says:

    great place

  20. RockPop1337 says:

    yay am learning 😀

  21. DatNewAznBoy says:


  22. astarke12 says:

    The language is English …. It is not electronics … I like it!

  23. fizakhanz says:

    so is it possible to build these solar panels domestically…???

  24. packmanfan1 says:

    thank you for your work. Your narration is great.

  25. jakecrowley6 says:

    this isawesome

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