Solar Energy Concentrator

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Purchase: This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror. Once focused this energy can be used to cook food, sterilize water even create electricity. Includes an explanation of Energy, Power, Joules, Watts. Examples of radiant, heat, chemical and kinetic energy are given. Includes links to directions for constructing a simple solar concentrator.

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25 Responses to “Solar Energy Concentrator”
  1. immo1337rtal says:

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  2. datzfast says:

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  3. immo1337rtal says:

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  4. datzfast says:

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  5. immo1337rtal says:

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  6. nhickvicky says:

    thanks for the lesson…and the background music is really convincing

  7. Leehr19 says:

    @immo1337rtal @datzfast Idiots like you ruin youtube.

  8. captinseperoth says:

    and the king of alternative energy,is appearing on the sun rise!

    not solar


    The sun,which is a giant fusion power plant,produces so much energy that in one second,it produces the same amount of energy the USA consumes in millions of years!

    It produces so much energy,the waste product is heat,and light which powers these cute panels,and keeps the world alive!

    also very little waste product,compaired to fission or “evil, satanic” atomic energy.

    look up Thorium fuel!

  9. aztecsolarpwr says:

    A great effort has been put into making the device. Being in the business of providing solar energy solutions, we really believe that such videos would help in creating a solar awareness.

  10. LimboGeezer says:

    sun provides energy ? wow ! plants and animals on this planet already knew that for millions of years , we finally got it after 10.000 years !

  11. jmr1068204 says:

    So what happens when you have millions of homes that need power, and it’s coming a hurricane or there is a rain system going through for 3 days or more? No sun…and I’m not sure that batteries charged by such a device like this would be able to sustain such a load for days. They would be out of power on the first day…

  12. absolicon says:

    See this technology in a real product developed, search for Absolicon

  13. osimnod says:

    @lunafringe10 — On what fuel does your vehicle run? There is a place for wind and solar, primarily for off-grid, remote and rural locations. Even with battery back-up, the intermittent, uncontrollable and unpredictable nature of these inputs don’t lend them well to base-load, on-demand power requirements. PHEVs still need to be plugged in for recharging and their range is restrictive. You must keep in mind power density and capacity factor.

  14. lunafringe10 says:

    @osimnod vehicles can even run on solar energy, it produces electricity, As you well know, german scientists made military vehicles run on wood. I even heard they can run on water, But its just as well the industry doesnt want it, Or else we d be dying of thirst, Cause there wouldnt be anymore of it

  15. osimnod says:

    @lunafringe10 — OK, what is the range of these “solar” vehicles? How long does it take to recharge them? What provides the electricity to recharge them? Putin just made fun of you Germans by stating you’d need to get your wood from Siberia, rather than use natural gas or nuclear power for electricity generation. Do you really want to chop down trees to run vehicles? And please show me these ‘water-run” vehicles. Don’t be so silly.

  16. lunafringe10 says:

    hydrogen cell has been tested now for 20 years by german car makers, For some reason they dont want to produce them, Putin is sneering because he needs customers for his oil and gas, How fast do we have to go in cars? Industry is capable of dealing with any problem. The longer we wait the more we debit future generations, The ecological footprint is too large at present, Oil is far too expensive, Look at those oil conglomerates and the sheiks, They bath in money, That money is needed elsewhere

  17. lunafringe10 says:

    During the days of british rule the US paid 1 Dollar for a barrel of oil. And who got rich? The Rockefellers. What did Iraq get out of it? What is Nigeria getting out of BP? Poverty. What did the gulf of Mexico get out of BP? Sheer destruction, War, chaos, poverty, The oil and cash flow is lopsided, Those are enough reasons to turn away from oil, But for the profiteers it s the reason to hang on to oil as long as possible,

  18. bluefly46 says:

    This is not so simple for the underprivileged. How long has the system been developing the need for Dependency??? Teach compassionately and the word will spread far and wide… Everyone needs to learn what they can do with their own hands using the simplest materials. Currently I am working on photovoltaic rubber to transfer dc in conjunction with an air battery. Praise the Universe and the wisdom to create!

  19. MetalSpiral says:

    Remember kids, say no to fossil fuels!

  20. sylverdrag says:

    Hum, so a solar plant the size of a small city in the desert (an area which receives a very large amount of sun energy) is barely enough to power a small city today? This is so typical of “solutions” made without understanding the real magnitude of the problem. We need a solution that can produce 100 times our current energy consumption. Not a “solution” that can barely keep up with our current needs and requires more land than we use for producing our food and lodging.

  21. moecat1000 says:

    @sylverdrag there is always one nay sayer..if your not helping shutup

  22. seachordjr says:


    Can’t run on water, we would suck our planet dry.

  23. kristijanadrian says:

    The fact that those derived units have names of people isn’t rational enough.
    It’s better to name them spatially, too.

  24. FarquharDingleberry says:

    @moecat1000 Pointing out flaws is helping, it allows sensible people to pause, reconsider the arguments, perhaps change their minds or consider points of improvement on their existing plans. Your disregard for sylverdrag’s comments by branding her\him a naysayer is very narrowminded.

  25. remboy3000 says:

    Renewable resources should be used for the energy that we use primarily today. Fossil fuels should be like back up energy or something. But why isn’t it happening? It seems like a good idea, or am I missing something?

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