Solar Panels

May 5, 2011 by  
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My solar panels used during hurricane Katrina power outage. Guy Fanguy, Houma Louisiana.

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3 Responses to “Solar Panels”
  1. primoisrael says:

    hi thats great but can u tell me how to do do this and what i need cuz i whana charge my laptop and other stuff in the woods and if i can power a tv 2 thanks

  2. sirmasterpimp says:

    @primoisrael To charge a laptop you don’t need a setup quite as large as his. All you need is stuff from ebay: 15-30 solar panel $50-$60, Wheel chair agm non spillable battery $50 and a $20 charge controller. I built my system for $120:
    20 watt solar panel, 8 amp charge controller, 35 am agm battery and a 80 watt inverter to charge my laptop and cellphone. Runs my laptop for a good 8 hours, takes a day to charge back up. I will have a video up on how to build a system soon if you need help.

  3. aztecsolar says:

    This is how we can make our own electricity without polluting the environment!

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