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May 18, 2011 by  
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Here’s a quick video of my electric bike and solar panel kit that charges it. The bike has a 200w motor and a 13ah battery. The bike is power assist, so the motor kicks in when you are pedaling and it makes going up hills a breeze, although you still have to work. The solar panel system that charges the bike is 3 x 80w panels on the roof, down to 20A regulator and 4 x 130ah deep cycle batteries up to a 600w pure sine inverter. The bike draws around 50 amps when charging the battery, and a full charge takes around 4 to 5 hours or so. The solar setup is of course overkill for charging an electric bike, but I use the solar power for other things too. Eventually I’d like to build the solar kit to charge an electric car, when that time comes. My goal was to have a zero emissions mode of powered transport, and this is what has been achieved with the solar powered bike. πŸ™‚

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25 Responses to “Solar Powered Bike”
  1. enviergy says:

    Ahhhh, not sure where the “joke” is about zero emissions from an electric bike that is recharged off solar panels. I’ll type slow for you so even you can understand.

    To say that electric bikes that are recharged from solar panels produce more carbon emissions than “automobiles” is a dumb statement.

    And the battery takes around 5 hours to fully recharge from empty, and this recharge process uses 55w continuous over that 5 hour period.

  2. enviergy says:

    You’re a moron. Go find another bridge to troll from.

  3. Bernie95 says:

    Good on you Mate!

    I’ve recently become interested in cycling again after about a 45 year absence. I have three bikes. One is a 30cc powered Bike fitted with a German made SACHS motor. Another is a 3/4 MBi, and I also restored my Daughter’s 1970’s Ladies. This is the machine to which I shall add a small hub motor. “Golden Motors” in China supply a the motor and portable Solar Battery Charger kit for electricity illiterates like me. People this is the future. Most journeys are only 5 kmls!

  4. 7finds says:

    Congrats enviergy.
    I’m frustrated with my e-bike as it has a heavy battery pack (sealed lead acid) of 25lbs. I am not mechanically inclined & in need of info on how to convert to a different kind of battery, lithium ion. I only commute 16 kms, 2x per day, (albeit with many hills) and can charge in between. I would prefer not to drag a 25 lb battery up 3 flights to the office for charging. If you have info if conversion to a diff battery where to find a light/small 1 I would be in your debt.

  5. neilsoltesz says:

    All I can say is ‘LiFePO4’ – look that up on google and have your wallet handy with plenty of money.

  6. 08Oyster says:

    brilliant vid mate, fuckin love it! believe it or not but ive just bought the exact same model of bike! im talking fuckin identical mate. im still waiting to get it delivered from ebay, tell me, what sort of speed can i expect out of this? its only 200w but im a greenie and i didnt want to be a wanker about it, just wanted something that would do the work for me, get back to be buddy. 5 stars from me for this video. heres the item number on ebay, check it out, exact same! 120501176710

  7. luc59457 says:

    You are a wanker, lousy 200w Rofl! What kind of speed? Rofl!

  8. luc59457 says:

    Lifep04’s prices range, like any other battery, based on. (voltage and Amp hour) If you go for a lower voltage and lower AH, you will travel less far on the same e-bike system, and less voltage = you will get less Rpm out of your motor (same motor).. You can check out Ping Battery off google, for some good prices, mind you they are a company from China.

  9. 08Oyster says:

    No, your the loser you fuckin maggot geek. I got my bike because i wanted to find a cheap way to get to work and back you fuckin dick, Why dont you have a look at the vid of my car? Unlike you, when i want speed, im capable of doing the 1/4 mile in less then 12 seconds in that bad boy, but a broke geek such as your self needs to get a shity bike with a home made mudflap (LoL) and max the thing out to about 40kmh. WOW YOUR SO COOL ON YOUR 100MPH+ BIKE DUDE!

    What an absolute joke you are.LOLx200

  10. luc59457 says:

    The Bike maxes well above 40, and at the speed I go on a “bike” I would not want to go much faster.. It is very satisfying.. As for the mud-guard, they have been changed to new ones quite a while ago.. Considering you are asking what kind of speed can you expect out of this, I suspect you are just a child, along with your dirty mouth, which holds no grounds of truth.

  11. luc59457 says:

    You asked what kind of speed can you expect out of 200w LMAO!~

  12. 08Oyster says:

    Whatever, your a useless bum that has a shity bike. Lol. and im not a child, im 26 years old and ill fuck you up you mouthy fuckin dog. Hope you actually looked at how good my car is too you broke bitch, youll never own anything that nice in your life. Youll always be cruzing on that shity bike. Your a joke mate. 100mph+ your nothing but a dreamer, i can tell that your a loser in life, just a non achiever. You probley rent your house too! Come to Australia so i can snap kick you in the mouth.

  13. luc59457 says:

    Actually, considering I help people on here, I would say I am more usefull than yourself.. Now stop getting emotional, you are only making yourself look like the looser, have a nice day πŸ˜‰ Friend

  14. luc59457 says:

    If you are 26, you got an emotional mindset of a 14 year old.. Keep up the threats, considering you are saying it on here and not to my face, only shows you are the looser on here.. You are making threats on youtube KID

  15. 08Oyster says:

    @luc59457 bitch

  16. luc59457 says:

    but you love bitches πŸ˜‰

  17. IamDemetri00 says:

    Great video! Do you worry at all aout hydrogen leaking from the batteries as they charge? I am trying to figure out if that is a myth or not

  18. soapshouse says:

    great thinking and saving more people should do like this

  19. wngdfeet says:

    perhaps you could add a rack to the frame or seat tube so you could carry things?

  20. cdltpx says:

    I bought a $300 walmart mongoose federal law that allows you to ride as long as motor is <5hp and you can pedal assist. The bike increases range gives you better average speed and improves your health affording those in bad shape or the handicapped to get back on a bike.I weigh 340 lbs and can ride 6 miles easily and quickly 95 degree weather and still get a workout that I could not have gotten with regular bike. Since injury I have gained the weight with both knee and back surgery.

  21. cdltpx says:

    @cdltpx When I first bought the bike a police man said I could be ticketed for riding motor bike so I let my uncle use the bike he lives out of state when I found the law allowing me to ride I got my bike back.I had to replace batteries $50 delivered to my door I am back in business. Plan to rig up a folding boat for bike so I can take boat to water go fishing and bike back home just a project to see if if can be done. Alredy hooked up a trailer that went well could tow >100 lbs freight 6 miles.

  22. MrXedres says:

    you made that thats impressive

  23. JUKIO01 says:

    @enviergy u tell that stupid ass mother fucker!

  24. Jonz6661 says:

    @nobster3 less batteries could be used, but i suppose he has more than he needs because the solar charger is working all day, so why not store it all?

  25. xxwesdogxx says:

    well i guess it’s technically solar powered but i was looking for a bike with panels on it…..

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