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Learn about a new way to harness solar power to create energy. Man Made: Solar Quest :

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25 Responses to “Solar Tech”
  1. IsmokeParliaments says:

    this is old technology?

  2. marksyaust87 says:

    will we end up burning the crust off the earth’s atmosphere as it is reflected light? If everyone puts these on their roof then we’ll have mirrors everywhere and planes will crash with the reflection causing glare, has these issues been looked at? It could potentially destroy our atmosphere just as well as coal and nuclear!

  3. peptopro17 says:

    i wonder how much coal power it took to create all those solar panels…

  4. cooljk2000 says:

    It is old technology used in a new way. This isn’t for a house, this is for a large power station. It doesn’t need to be NEW to be GOOD.

  5. MrKimm says:

    does it really matter? thats a one time cost, now that the solar panels are constructed, the energy they produce can be used to construct more solar panels. We must use our available energy source to construct a new infrastructure.

  6. MrKimm says:

    This isnt designed to go on someones roof, its designed for large scale use. And no, we wount burn the earths atmosphere by reflecting light 😛

  7. peptopro17 says:

    you may not understand that the energy it takes to create a solar panel is more than what the solar panel will create itself over its average lifespan. So it essentially is a netloss in effeciency

  8. MrKimm says:

    That would depend on the solar panel model and on the area in which they are deployed. Since these are of a relatively simple design (as apposed to the more common flat panels) and they are deployed in a desert, I’m quire sure they will more than make up for the energy it took to produce them.

  9. greenboy215 says:

    This technology is the safest way for this planet.

  10. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Great video…I converted my home to a net-zero solar powered home that uses no oil or gas…I made a video about it called, “Preparing for Peak Oil”….

  11. IronHorsez88 says:

    I sure hope they are smart enough to recycle that steam back to water and use it again. The desert doesn’t have much spare water yo.

  12. rock3tcat says:


    Because according to the people who have money this isn’t profitable… At least not as profitable as drilling a hole in the ground and collecting the oil and gas.

  13. henrykay01 says:

    I invented a breakthrough energy source which violates the law of energy conservation. I have a PROOF that there are electrodynamic phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation. I am looking for $30 000 for a prototype and for $3M for patents. Making a 15 kW generator will cost $1200 in mass production, value of the energy produced yearly about $10 000.
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  14. CodeWarriorx0539 says:

    waste of money

  15. SmallWindTurbines says:

    Wow, that’s amazing but there should be wind energy combined there with the solar. All our best systems are hybrid energy with both wind and solar.

  16. SolarInstaller7 says:

    People all across the united states are installing home solar electric systems. The government doesn’t have to fund it, people buy it with a credit card and call an installer. The systems are an investment, but cost study will show that it’s a great investment as a home improvement. Recently we started using rooftop wind turbines with our solar for hybrid energy system for homes. Solar and wind power is yours for the taking.. WHY PAY SOMEONE FOR YOUR WIND & SUN, harvest it yourself and save

  17. porscheghcje says:

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

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  18. pacificcresttrans says:

    Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power are the means by which our energy needs can be met. These alternate energy sources can also be harnessed at home. People are adopting alternate energy methods like solar and wind power for the electricity supply. As energy demands increase, markets for these sources will only grow. Pacific Crest Transformers has articles on the renewable energy sector in the United States.

  19. kaderoder says:

    I run my house on stray backpackers. They’re on treadmills in the basement. Much more efficient than wind/solar etc.

  20. SHAATALE says:


    a 50MW power plant would be installed on 678 acres of land making it economically unfeasable unless u have a huge desert at throw away prices…(plus cost of infrastructure is high as these mirrors have to be imported from germany/isreal )

  21. AMARADIserdar says:


  22. danthemanzizzle says:

    @seriousbusinessinc logistics

  23. danthemanzizzle says:

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  24. 88888FORCE says:

    Is Building the World’s Largest
    Solar Tower Power Plant
    Google is investing $168 million to help develop a solar energy power plant in
    California’s Mojave Desert. In cooperation with Brightsource energy, Google’s official blog states that the new plant will hopefully generate 392 gross megawatts of solar power, or “the equivalent of taking more than 90,000 cars off the road over the lifetime of the plant,”

  25. yamenhawit says:

    what is the official name of this technology?

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