Space Based Solar Power – Alternative Energy Solution

May 11, 2011 by  
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FACT: There aren’t enough resources on this planet to sustain continued human growth and increasing quality of life. FACT: If we want to avoid catastrophic war, suffering, and global shortages of energy, we need to start looking to space seriously for solutions. Space Based Solar Power is the first step. Music – “Pulse” by Yoko Kanno

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25 Responses to “Space Based Solar Power – Alternative Energy Solution”
  1. Prestostark says:

    @PumpkinMelonJuice There is no night 22,500 miles out. That object is in direct sunlight all the time. Also, if the U.S.A. did this on a large scale, we could build satellites for other countries and lease or sell them for billions of dollars. We’d be like the new OPEC. Also, the sort of aqua/agriculture that can take place under the rectenna would be a huge source of employment. With a super abundance of electrical energy, we could also create a hydrogen society – all new technology, more jobs.

  2. Prestostark says:

    @RegnevaDeksam Well, space construction would be taken to a new level, for sure. But this is not a manned space station, so the construction is simple and modular. In space, there is no wind or gravity or geological forces, so construction can be ultra-lightweight., even flimsy. The new thin film solar cells could be rolled out like tin foil over large skeletal structures – like giant kites. The heavy duty stuff would be reserved for the transmitter, which is more complex. Fun engineering stuff!

  3. Prestostark says:

    @RegnevaDeksam Boeing’s design of the SPS from the late 70’s projected that each large satellite would produce the equivalent power of 5 nuke plants. The life expectancy of a satellite – with some maintenance – well over 100 years. The payoff time? 20 years. It’s like Grand Coulee dam in the sky. A giant revenue stream…We just need the vision and the investment mentality to do it.

  4. xSlavic says:

    one word NAZZI

  5. TheChristianRight09 says:

    @marcz28 ????FALL BEHIND?????America dominates tech,from 90% of cpu production,95% of operating systems,the list goes on……………………..80% of the global tech companies are American…

  6. Tsunne says:

    there’s constant change in developement in the way of power consumption… a driving force in today’s society is using less power (at least among the intelegent) and putting that aside… i’m sure feeding the population will become an issue before lighting their houses at night.. etc etc…. by 2100 we’ll most likely have rules like china about how many kids you can have.. everything will be recycled and everything will be super energy effiecent… that’s the dirrection i see us going

  7. LePageChannel says:

    And Obama just shut down space program,American astronauts will have to take the Russian taxi.The worst President ever.

  8. jimmyboyG485 says:

    Yeah., and if America doesn’t get space-based solar or fusion, just wait to see the lead drop away. And given that the EU are doing far more on fusion than anybody else, and any sensible project would join to them instead of going solo, America simply has to crack space-based solar.

  9. TheChristianRight09 says:



  10. jimmyboyG485 says:

    Yes, America is currently dominant, I’m saying that too. But in 50-100 years time, energy will be supplied via fusion and/or space solar. If America doesn’t control one of those methods, it has to rely on another world power for its energy needs and will inevitably get overtaken.
    Also, to one of your articles on population growth: a shrinking population is actually more desirable than a growing one, and is used as a measure of development.

  11. Nx772 says:

    would you mind telling me what video editing software was used to create this video?

  12. MacabreManifesto says:

    Why not put them as close to the sun as possible? the effect that one objects gravity has on another is squared each time when the distance that separates them is cut in half. The same thing happens with the number of photons per square inch.

  13. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne America’s birthrate is at an all time low. So is Europes. The World Population is in decline. At the International Conference on Population in Cairo 1994, they called for stopping the world population around 8 billion and reducing it to what they call sustainable at 2 billion. That’s a reduction of 6 billion! Its hard to fathom that the elites really want to cull that much of the population so it is easier to control.

  14. Tsunne says:

    @SimplyThinkDreams where do you get your birthrate statistics?

  15. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne From many different sources. You can google the birth rate for many different countries and find many different sources. It doesn’t matter which source they are all relatively the same. The CIA U.S. birth rate statistic is 1.338% and a population must have a 2.1% birth rate to maintain the current population size. If you read the papers regarding the Cairo Conference, you can see the plans they set in motion to cull the population. Its eugenics and its perverse.

  16. Tsunne says:

    @SimplyThinkDreams i didn’t find any statistic anywhere about 2.1 or 1.338 i did however find something saying that the global birthrate is approximately 20 but it’s not measured per 100 its’ per 1000 … and yes there has been a gradual decline in birthrate since the 1950’s stretched over the span of time in which sexual education has grown… birth control has grown… and yet the population has still been growing… so there’s some conspiracy to reduce population?

  17. Tsunne says:

    @SimplyThinkDreams so this confrence covered universal education… reducing infant and child mortality reducing maturnal mortality and access to services for family planning and sexual health…. there’s no population control covered in that confrence

  18. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne From Wikipedia regarding Total fertility rate: ” The replacement fertility rate is roughly 2.1 births per woman for most industrialized countries (2.075 in the UK for example), but ranges from 2.5 to 3.3 in developing countries because of higher mortality rates.[4] Taken globally, the total fertility rate at replacement is 2.33 children per woman. At this rate, global population growth would trend towards zero.”

  19. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne I beg to differ. Of course they sugar coat it and make it seem all inoccent but its really not. Population reduction has been a goal of the globalist elites for some time and their eugenics programs have been in effect and they are working. Much of it is through abortion, birth control pills, creating the mindset that children are hassles to be avoided, flouride in the water, poisons in many of our processed foods, etc. They even have pills today to reduce women’s periods to a few/year

  20. Tsunne says:

    @SimplyThinkDreams i get it you’re a conspiracy nut…. well think of it this way… are there any rules preventing you from having kids? has drinking city water made you starile? what? no??? birth control is for preventing unwanted pregnancy it’s not manditory… it’s an option for intelegent people that aren’t ready for a child but want to have sex… and if you bled from between your legs every month… woudln’t you wnat a pill that made that once a year instead?… you’re thinking backwards

  21. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne It would be impossible for anyone to prevent me from having children. Certainly no man has the authority to regulate another’s reproduction. In fact, we are commanded by our Creator to “be fruitful, multiply, and subdue the earth” in Genesis 1:28. Of course sex is reserved for the sacred union of marriage.

    And no if I was a woman I wouldn’t want to pervert my natural cycle with drugs for convenience. Any thought otherwise is backwards.

  22. cino14 says:

    @Tsunne im writing a paper about this. what are the sources for all these stats. I need reliable sources. please help urgent???

  23. Tsunne says:

    @SimplyThinkDreams that was God commanding the first people on earth. the earth is subdued the bible teaches common sence and stripping the earth dry so that you can have as many kids as you damn well please is just stupid. and those drugs for women are for a great many women to regulate and calm symptoms. because many women go through agonizing pain and for you as a man to say a woman should suffer because you think anything less is a perversion? with that mind set you’ll never have kids

  24. SimplyThinkDreams says:

    @Tsunne Isn’t it common sense not to mess with the natural cycle of the woman and her sacred ability to bring life into this world? By the way, PMS is a cultural bound syndrome. It is a sociocultural phenomenon of Western culture. Other women around the world do not experience symptoms of PMS.

    The globalists want you to believe that the earth is being stripped dry so they can justify their depopulation agendas.

  25. sajabz2007 says:

    Nice video, very well put together; tastefully informative. Thanks.

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