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Filed under Wind and Solar This is a larger Stirling engine that has a 12v DC Permanent Magnet motor operating fixed as the flywheel bearing. It produces 15 Volt max with NO LOAD. This setup as is produces about 15 watts. The heat sink is a water cooled tank that is a bit short for the displacement piston but does work. I will be adding some heat sinks soon and testing it with the 56 inch dish and a Fresnel Lens. The motor/generator has an additional pulley that the other engine I have may be tied to. The water can be fed continuously or as a tank.

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  1. m52spy says:

    Now we need you to find a way to track the sun. I love the vids. Keep it up

  2. fittingciobb says:

    REAL Free energy technology exists!But the big oil corporations don’t want that technology revealed,Get the blueprints for a free energy motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Join the revolution!

  3. Dishfarm says:

    I always loved projects such as these, what i don’t like is the fact that companies will soon produce these for profit, and before you know it, every city will put regulations (codes) in place so nobody can use them without huge installation expenses and permits.

  4. jairfloripa says:

    How do I make an engine of this? What material should I use?
    you have a tutorial where I can use as base.

  5. ttop2000 says:

    Solar panels today can capture 20% of the suns energy. That means we could potentially get 5X (!) the amount of energy if we focus on how to do it. 20% efficiency isn’t great, but it can easily power a home & electric car. At 75% efficiency, it BLOWS AWAY the cost of oil, coal, and (so called) “natural” gas. If we reach 75% efficiency, it’s over for fossil fuels. This is one of the best areas to focus on – Let’s get to 75%!!! Build things in your garage, experiment, study, invest, encourage!

  6. dvu90 says:

    I’m interested in your teleporting technology @ 0:34

  7. ElRollio82 says:

    @ttop2000 so what happens at night?

  8. pmryan25 says:

    @ElRollio82 At night? You turn out the lights and go to bed. Really though, I’m always taken aback when people ass this question. It’s really silly, here we are discussing how much $ can be saved by solar & someone attempts to throw what they may consider a wrench in the entire idea. @ nite you use a battery that you charged during day or you pull from the grid where they’ve stored mass solar energy in their BIG batteries. Anyway, it’s bedtime for me, can someone turn out the sun please?

  9. ElRollio82 says:

    @pmryan25 no its quite a legitimate question. do you have any idea the size of the batteries and inverters that would be needed to run even a small town overnight? And thats assuming you have sun everyday. What if you have a week or two of overcast conditions? The size and cost of infrastructure capable of storing that much energy is just completely impractical

  10. josephdupont says:

    one of the few functioning heat engines i’ve seen.. Good work
    any plans for sale.

  11. tv205 says:

    sunpower stirling engines rule 6kw just from the sun in texas

  12. Dubconferencedotorg says:

    great videos

  13. kennethvanhorn says:

    take those panels and put them in the basement.first you take a parabolic solar concentrator and put an robotic arm on it to follow the suns path.then make the focal point a mirrored shape cone that will send the light down through mirrored glass tubing straight into a mirrored shape glass box inside the mirrored shape box will be several solar panels that spin to keep them cool the mirrored box must have the mirrors inward to reflect the light sending from the parabolic focal point.ken van horn

  14. ExpiredFlame says:

    You could make the Stirling better if you make more parts as the link out of CuZn.
    It would get lighter and faster

  15. HybridWaterMan2 says:

    Nice video- did you build the Sterling engine yourself?

  16. NerexisPL says:

    @reuala Nope

  17. WtronicSex says:

    Essa parabola é boa para fazer churrasco!

  18. WtronicSex says:

    Ok, é uma ótima idéia, mas a Petyrobras e Shel e outras empresas não querem isso, e vão te matar , se vc estiver no caminho deles ! You undestend?

  19. 22burstonlorien22 says:


  20. jibblesmgee says:

    You need to hook that up to a large DC, put it through a DC-AC converter and see what kind of power you can sustain with that. I have a crazy idea, but I would need to generate about 10 kilowatts.

  21. efahrenholz1 says:

    Dan, I see the idea here and I think the stirling engine is a great idea–however I don’t have the tools or technical knowledge to actually construct one. However, I digress…couldn’t you improve cooling by making the flywheel a fan instead of a solid piece of metal? It could direct cool airflow over the heat sink and improve cooling significantly with little cost in mechanical work.

  22. pmryan25 says:

    @ElRollio82 We’re saying use the energy from the sun when it’s there and from the grid when it’s not, no one has mentioned taking entire towns off the grid (yet). There’s groups of people who like to ask “What about at night or if it rains?” Well, during those times your energy is like it used to be – fossil fuel energy from the grid. When it’s cloudy or sunny, it’s clean solar energy, and cheaper. Is this more clear now ElRolio? Seeing the light? A lil bit?

  23. ElRollio82 says:

    @pmryan25 pretty sure thats not what you said but lets see about this entirely new argument.
    even a small coal fired generating unit say.. 250mw takes around 24 – 36 hours to go from completely shut down to ready to be grid connected.
    so the fossil fuel generators would have to be running 24-7 anyway which kind of defeats the purpose the way i see it

  24. bhitt99 says:

    what is the temp. difference needed for a sterling engine to run? i figure it is different depending on the size of the motor. but let’s say for a 12 volt generator to run what would the temp. difference need to be? thanks.

  25. advthinker says:

    Are we sure that you are not runing this off a battery? that motor is spining on rhe slow side to make 12v. and your meter is at a junction, just where are them leads going?. i would like to think that this is possible, but you see phony stuff on youtube all the time. if this is the real deal great job!

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