Hybrid ebike solar power electric vehicle build e scooters EV custom conversion

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Custom hybrid electric solar power bike build – Hybrid electric vehicle/scooters/ebike/EV with solar technology riding around squamish, BC Canada Summer 2011 Version 2.0 Lighter, Faster, Safer +GPS-WiFi-3G . . . . . & even more Solar Power ! Visit www.thekpv.com THEKPV bike build began in 2008 by Terry Hope. He had worked as an engineer aboard Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul sailboat. The captain would not allow a full size electric scooter or bike.. Terry had only one option.. design a custom electric vehicle kit that would fit inside a suitcase. THEKPV ebike/e-scooter kit specifications 44 lbs without solar panels 396 Wh Battery / main 13 km Range / minimum 15 min recharge 80% / AC power 28 Wh 12v booster pack 10000 cycles / lifetime charges 10.8V Capacitor / booster 50 lbs with solar array 50 Watts solar power 12V Kinetic generator device THEKPV ebike build features many custom parts from a generator that charges a capacitor bank with a flip of a switch mounted on the scooters handlebars beside the throttle grip. Onboard solar power can charge any 2 cells/caps at one time via 4 rocker switches. Each of the booster packs are turned on/off via another group of rocker switches mounted on the scooters handle bars opposite the throttle, and when turned on power the electric motor directly combined with the throttle output from the controller. Subscribe on YouTube Follow on Twitter: twitter.com Join on Facebook: on.fb.me It doesn’t matter your location or age, anyone can