Clean solar energy

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Clean solar energy – 350MW in California desert. For more info see

Clean Solar Power Alternative Energy

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Ontario’s Clean Energy Revolution

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Enjoy our snapshot of Ontario’s Clean Energy Revolution, with over 8900 megawatts coming from sustainable sources, we have a bright future ahead. Find out more:

Puget Sound Energy’s Wind Power

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Clean, renewable energy is becoming a core part of Puget Sound Energy’s power supply. PSE’s goal is to meet up to 10 percent of its customers’ total electricity need with cost-effective renewable resources by 2013. A major step in that direction is PSE’s ownership and operation of two large wind farms in Washington state. More info located at:

AMC and Wind Power

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Wind is a clean and renewable energy source, but the placement of turbines to harness it can pose challenges. In this video, learn how AMC works to identify areas with critical resources that would be threatened by industrial wind power development while also identifying sites with lower levels of known conflict in relation to such development. To learn more about AMC’s wind power policy, visit

The Future of Wind Power

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(April 16, 2008) Christina Archer, consulting assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, discusses the importance of win power in a clean and renewable future. The Energy Seminar meets weekly during the academic year. For a list of upcoming talks, visit the events page at the Woods Institute for the Environment website. Stanford University Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford: Christina Archer Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

West Wing Week: 4/8/11 or “Windmills? Call Them Wind Turbines!”

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This week, President Obama focused on securing our nation’s clean energy future, making stops at facilities in Maryland and Pennsylvania; met with Congressional leadership, hoping to avoid a government shutdown in the face of budget disagreements; and kept his eye on foreign policy, discussing world events with foreign heads of state.