Renewable Energy Solution of the Month: Wind – Part 2

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To help support Climate Denial Crock of the Week Go to If the first wind video is blocked in your area, try here I couldn’t fit nearly enough into my first wind video, and many of the unused clips address questions that viewers have since asked. Interconnecting wind farms Denmark number one No impact on property values US DOE Wind 20% by 2030 Mitigating Bat impacts Renewables in Colorado

Nordtank (Vestas) wind system fail and crashes.

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A danish Nordtank wind turbine suffers a brake failure ( which are manufactured by Vestas ), and collapses near Hornslet, Denmark, very cool footage, rate it!, even if you hate it

Family Wind Turbines Gain Momentum

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Part of a growing trend, a Danish family of seven has installed its own wind turbine to produce all the electricity the family needs while reducing its carbon footprint.

Wind turbine explodes

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Filed under Wind and Solar – Windmill collapse during a storm in Denmark. The braking system failed while two technicians worked in the turret at the top. The technicians were able to get out before the collapse. A 19 meter piece of the blade was thrown 20 metres away; Smaller pieces were sent more than 500 meters away.

Windmill/Wind Turbine Explosion

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The braking mechanism that limits the speed of the wind turbine broke during a storm in Denmark. This was the outcome. 02/22-2008. Bonus info: -The tower of the mill was 60m high -Wind speed was probably around 30 m/s -You can see a truck at the base of the mill, but nobody was hurt. The mill had been evacuated 400m in each direction. Vote Elgaard-Collins ’08!!