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Filed under Wind and Solar This is a larger Stirling engine that has a 12v DC Permanent Magnet motor operating fixed as the flywheel bearing. It produces 15 Volt max with NO LOAD. This setup as is produces about 15 watts. The heat sink is a water cooled tank that is a bit short for the displacement piston but does work. I will be adding some heat sinks soon and testing it with the 56 inch dish and a Fresnel Lens. The motor/generator has an additional pulley that the other engine I have may be tied to. The water can be fed continuously or as a tank.

DIY Wind Turbine Blade DC 180 Volt Electric Generator HAWT Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

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This DIY wind turbine blade is hooked to a 180 Volt Leeson 3.8 Amp Permanent Magnet Electric Motor acting as a generator. Maximum voltage recorded at ground level was 27 volts. Maximum Watts produced was 43 watts.