Wind Power Myths

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Micro Concentrated Solar Power from Sopogy – a green energy seminar

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Google Tech Talks September 18, 2008 ABSTRACT Sopogy is bringing smaller concentrated solar energy systems to the market: Process heat, air conditioning, and power generation. You will hear about the first renewable energy and solar technology to ever be awarded the New Product of the Year by the Society of Professional Engineers. A product will be set up for viewing. Speaker: Al Yuen

Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation…

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Google Tech Talks September 12, 2007 ABSTRACT Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation from an Industry Expert · Overview — how solar works, benefits, technologies, market trends · Process for installing system · Key questions to ask & things to look for when considering solar o Size o Cost o Incentives o Return on investment · Solar energy myths Credits: Speaker:Meredith McClintock

My own solar system: Installing solar panels at my house

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Google Tech Talks August 3, 2007 ABSTRACT Case study of two googlers who had solar panels installed at their houses. Why? What the issues are? What the process is. How to size the system. How to place the system. How to predict your production. Energy conservation. How well did it work. System measurements. Credits: Speaker:Hy Murveit, Speaker:David Talkin, Speaker:Kurt Newick

Next Generation of Cheap Solar Cells

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****Since all the comments seem to be either 100% positive or 100% negative about this solar technology i would like to clear up some some misconceptions. First of all I’d imagine that takes years to set up the the precision equipment for 2 of the largest solar panel manufacturing plants in the world and be able to print solar photo cells as fast as newspaper. After the plant was completed in 2007 the first focus was on commercial uses and their first costumers where municipal utility companies. This sounds to me like a good business tactic to help you establish a successful business from the start. Next they started offering it to electrical contractors as part of a beta testing process so they can work out the kinks that arise from scaling down their panels from large commercial ones to the ones that you can use on your house. That is where were at today. After the beta testing they will start offering them to the general public. Their website even has a place to enter your email address to be notified when this technology will be available to you the home owner. Its a process and that apparently some people out there believe happens over night. This company immediately got more financial backing then needed. Google is one of the biggest investors so I believe its all legitimate. There are two benefits from the use of alternative energy. It will save you money but also it means that energy produced is done so with out creating pollution. This is good for everybody. Even

Sun Tracking Solar Panel w/ Arduino – Powers ITSELF!!!

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Watch until the END where I’ll show it powering itself outside!!! I had some little solar panels laying around and wanted to see if they would power the Arduino. They did. So, I wanted to see if I could make a sun tracking circuit to autonomously follow the sun throughout the day. So I did. Here is the result. If you wanna try it, you can download at: … The code is not perfect or commented. Enjoy