Homebuilt Slow Wind Handmade Wind Turbine charges batteries for RC sailing boat 2

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solarcanada.biz http Thank you for your kind comments, guys! www.kjmagnetics.com NdFeB N52 Permanent Magnets are here. canadianwind.e-earth.ca Take a look at my new forum on my website. Welcome! wind turbine charges batteries for race sail boats. This wooden model of the generator was built by enterprising group of Canadian enthusiasts in order to check possibility of general useing revolutionary new electric circuit and revolutionary new design of a rotor and a stator of the generator. Materials: 8 NdFeB rare earth magnets grade 40, 12 coils of copper wire 20AWG, plywood, fiberglass, copper tubes. Why do we do that? We want to prevent a fuel and energy crisis in the World. And we want to save our beautiful planet of Greenhouse gases. Our business proposal for Canadian and international entrepreneurs is very simple. We are looking for an investor who wants to invest funds in renewable energy sources in Canada. Why do we need this capital? We would like to buy land in windy area in Canada. And there, we would like to build a wind power station with our revolutionary design of electric generators. And then we would like to sell available electric power to customers (including your interests!!!). If you interested by the idea above, please feel free to email us your wishes at: canadianwind@e-earth.ca CANADIAN WIND WORKSHOP GROUP, www.canadianwind.e-earth.ca