LG CES 2010: GD510 Solar Powered Cell Phone

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“A truly “”green”” phone, the LG GD510 features many innovative features: – Built-in solar panel for charging the phone – 10 minutes of sun = 2 min 15 sec of talk time or 180 min standby – Eco-calculator shows amount of CO2 emissions saved by using solar power – Plugged in, the phone has a reminder to unplug the charger once it’s fully charged – Packaging is made from recycled paper & soy ink – The phone does not contain any polyvinyl chloride (PVC)”


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Solar Splash Proof Water Resistant Charger with Allterain Guidance Functions Features of this productuct are: – Mono-crystal solar panel w/ Solar Charger Indicator – Solar Powered USB Charger – Backlit Digital Display – Altimeter – Barometer – Compass – Chronograph – AM/FM Weather band radio – NOAA weather alert – 10 AM/ 10 FM presets – Digital clock & alarm – Audio line input – Headphone output – DC input with mini USB plug – Battery Charge Indicator – Bottle Opener – Aluminum Carabiner www.etoncorp.com This video was uploaded from an Android phone by http !

Make a Solar Powered Charger

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Get the shirts: bit.ly Facebook: facebook.com Buy a solar panel here: amzn.to For this to work you will need a 6v Solar Panel and a Female USB connector. Solder the USB connector to the negative and positive contact points on the Solar Panel and you are ready to go. It is really that simple. You may not want to leave the phone or Mp3 player plugged in at night because the power may drain out of the phone when no light is present. This is because we did not regulate the current of power. See you soon!