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Filed under Wind and Solar DigInfo News Embracing the move towards renewable energy sources, Kyosemi have revolutionized the design of the traditional solar cell, increasing it’s power generation efficiency and paving the way for innovative applications and a more economical use of raw materials. Sphelar is a spherical micro solar cell, which unlike traditional flat solar cells, can effectively harness reflected and diffused solar light as well as direct light from all directions. Each cell, is 1 to 1.5 mm and can be connected in parallel or in series, allowing for a limitless range of shapes and uses including flexible solar cells, round solar cells, or power-generating windows for buildings or offices while maintaining a certain level of transparency. Also, compared to the production process for traditional solar cells there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of wasted silicon. “In the process of producing spherical spolar cells, molten silicon is used. It’s dripped from an elevated position, and crystallizes as a sphere in mid-air, so using this process no silicon is wasted in the production of solar cells.” Kyosemi have also developed the SphelarVoice which is a battery-free wireless audio optical information system that receives information via infrared rays. The SphelarVoice uses an array of LEDs to emit a light signal which is recieved by the solar cells, converted into an electrical signal on the battery-free wireless handset and sent to the speaker.

Homebuilt Slow Wind Handmade Wind Turbine charges batteries for RC sailing boat 2

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Filed under Wind and Solar http Thank you for your kind comments, guys! NdFeB N52 Permanent Magnets are here. Take a look at my new forum on my website. Welcome! wind turbine charges batteries for race sail boats. This wooden model of the generator was built by enterprising group of Canadian enthusiasts in order to check possibility of general useing revolutionary new electric circuit and revolutionary new design of a rotor and a stator of the generator. Materials: 8 NdFeB rare earth magnets grade 40, 12 coils of copper wire 20AWG, plywood, fiberglass, copper tubes. Why do we do that? We want to prevent a fuel and energy crisis in the World. And we want to save our beautiful planet of Greenhouse gases. Our business proposal for Canadian and international entrepreneurs is very simple. We are looking for an investor who wants to invest funds in renewable energy sources in Canada. Why do we need this capital? We would like to buy land in windy area in Canada. And there, we would like to build a wind power station with our revolutionary design of electric generators. And then we would like to sell available electric power to customers (including your interests!!!). If you interested by the idea above, please feel free to email us your wishes at: CANADIAN WIND WORKSHOP GROUP,

Solar Power and GreenFlow Energy

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GreenFlow Energy is a corporation providing innovative solutions for renewable energy development in North America. The principal aim of GreenFlow Energy is to position photovoltaic solar panels as a mainstream energy source. Backed by the government of Ontario, our qualified team of structural engineers, master electricians and site developers boast over 25 years experience. We offer our clients a government contracted AAA secured investment and the opportunity to be a forerunner in the field of sustainable energy. The benefits of our mission are twofold: GreenFlow Energy contributes to the reduction of greenhouse emissions worldwide while offering at least 15% annual return to our investors. GreenFlow Energy participates in the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed In Tariff (FIT) program. The program was introduced in the Canadian Green Energy Act of 2009 with the intention of developing renewable energy sources, stimulating economic growth and mobilizing the province of Ontario into becoming a world leader of solar power production. Visit for more information. Take Our 60 Second Solar Roof Evaluation. Find Out If Your Commercial Or Industrial Rooftop Could Be Earning You Money