Renewable Energy Solution of the Month: Wind – Part 2

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To help support Climate Denial Crock of the Week Go to If the first wind video is blocked in your area, try here I couldn’t fit nearly enough into my first wind video, and many of the unused clips address questions that viewers have since asked. Interconnecting wind farms Denmark number one No impact on property values US DOE Wind 20% by 2030 Mitigating Bat impacts Renewables in Colorado

South Denmark plans to create 45000 new jobs in offshore power by 2020

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Thomas Jensen, EU Consultant at the South Denmark European Office in Brussels, talks to EUX.TV’s Raymond Frenken at the European Regions Energy Days in Brussels about the offshore wind power cluster in the region Syddanmark, and about the potential to create new jobs in Europe in renewable energy. The Danish region plans to create some 45000 new jobs in offshore renewables by 2020.