Solar Panels – How to Make a Homemade Solar Panel

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Filed under Wind and Solar – How to Make a Homemade Solar Panel Solar panels, unlike before, are cheap and easy to install with great efficiency. With this advent, you can save big money as well as help save the environment. A DIY kit is available and has an easy to follow instruction with them. What you need is some simple tools and you’re done. Here is your guide to make a homemade solar panel 1. First, you must know the loads of your solar panel and the package that is affordable to you. One watt of solar panel module will coast you about and a 200 watts module is around 00. If you need more power, you can connect this to form a collector to produce your desired power needs. Electrical connections are made in series to achieve a desired output voltage and/or in parallel to provide a desired amount of current capability. 2. After selecting the solar panel modules, you need a charge controller which is an important system component that regulates the voltage generated by the solar panel. This will regulate your power and provide protection to the batteries from being over or under-charged. 3. Next, you need a solar inverter this will convert 12 volt DC (direct current) from solar panel to 125 volts AC (alternating current) which will feed your appliances. Some high end inverters combine an inverter, battery charger and dual transfer switch in one package. 4. Batteries are needed if there is no sun or there is a blackout in your area. Typically, lead acid batteries are

Don’t make guns, make solar panels.

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If the American military was cut by 85 percent, it would still be the largest in the world. With talk of nixing 150 billion dollars from the military budget, then, what implication will this have on the US work force? Author David Swanson says the war-industry needs not cut workers, but convert them, rather. Turning war-machine makers into members of a peaceful industry would produce more jobs—and better paying ones at that, he argues. While talk rages on about military spending cuts, Swanson says we have yet to see anything of the like happen—and questions if America ever will. Follow Lucy on Twitter at

Hybrid ebike solar power electric vehicle build e scooters EV custom conversion

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Custom hybrid electric solar power bike build – Hybrid electric vehicle/scooters/ebike/EV with solar technology riding around squamish, BC Canada Summer 2011 Version 2.0 Lighter, Faster, Safer +GPS-WiFi-3G . . . . . & even more Solar Power ! Visit THEKPV bike build began in 2008 by Terry Hope. He had worked as an engineer aboard Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul sailboat. The captain would not allow a full size electric scooter or bike.. Terry had only one option.. design a custom electric vehicle kit that would fit inside a suitcase. THEKPV ebike/e-scooter kit specifications 44 lbs without solar panels 396 Wh Battery / main 13 km Range / minimum 15 min recharge 80% / AC power 28 Wh 12v booster pack 10000 cycles / lifetime charges 10.8V Capacitor / booster 50 lbs with solar array 50 Watts solar power 12V Kinetic generator device THEKPV ebike build features many custom parts from a generator that charges a capacitor bank with a flip of a switch mounted on the scooters handlebars beside the throttle grip. Onboard solar power can charge any 2 cells/caps at one time via 4 rocker switches. Each of the booster packs are turned on/off via another group of rocker switches mounted on the scooters handle bars opposite the throttle, and when turned on power the electric motor directly combined with the throttle output from the controller. Subscribe on YouTube Follow on Twitter: Join on Facebook: It doesn’t matter your location or age, anyone can

What Affects Solar Panel Costs

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Filed under Wind and Solar SolarDave: Does Akeena Solar Get Their Solar Panels at a Discount price for buying them in volume? Eric Bowman: There are a lot of things that solar panel costs, volume, quality, there are a lot of components to it, we are the only solar intergrator that has developed our own propiritory panel so we outsource the manufacturing of that to SunTech which at the end of this year will be the largest manufacturer in the world. They only make the Andalay solar panel for Akeena and Akeena only. It is our patent and our panel noboby can source the panel or install in the panel in the United States. Because we are a very large solar intergator, one of the largest and we are publicly held and we are on the NASDAQ:AKNS because we only sell that one type of panel for that residentail application our volume is not like a Sharp or a BP that might sell to multiple brokers across the United States. But we are extremely competitive when it comes to cost and value proposition, realiablity, aestecis and cost. Our clients get a win all the time. Here is a small mock up of the Andalay panel the biggest difference you are going to see between the Andalay panel and any other panel in the past 30 years including everything that is being installed today, a traditional panel has aluminum racking and a non structural panel that sits on top of that, the wires are connected together and there is a perimeter ground system around that has to go around. So what we have done for our

Sueing Your HOA So You Can Install Solar Panels

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Filed under Wind and Solar John Forbes: The year before last (2007) Xcel (Energy) had been sending out these mailers with your bill and they were talking about their solar credit program, and I have been really interested in all things solar. I tell people that I had in the 8th grade in 1958 I was standing up in front of the class giving them my science presentation and telling them I wanted to be a solarologist. My science fair project I had a big solar cooker made out of card board and tin foil. The next year I did one with corala algae and composting that in to methane and generating electricity from that, so I was really interested into it a long long time ago. The prices were prohibitive and the products really were not available anyway. So I say this an I was really intrigued and the Cary Hayes and REC Solar showed up at Costco. My wife had seen him and and she said he still might be there and I got home from work and Costco was open a little later. And she took me down there and she met him. OK, I gotta do it. And from then it was September of 2007 and I thought I would just put in my application to the Architectural Committee (Rock Creek HOA) because I had to do that for the yard and the deck and you are supposed get a 45 day turn around. Well when I didn’t get it by October – I went to inquire, I was told you can show up at the next meeting by that time – I check and gave them a little more time back in December or November I think they were skipping December and going in

RV solar panel

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Filed under Wind and Solar RV solar panels are a great way to power your appliances when you are on the move.

Solar Panels | How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY Part 1

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Filed under Wind and Solar {Make Solar Panels|Save Energy Now|Solar Panel Information|Your Own Solar Panels|How To Solar Panels} .How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY Part 1 This is a video of how I build solar panels from single solar cells wired in series. This is a great DIY “do it yourself” Green power project. These solar panels are very powerful and following these steps you will be able to make them for 1/3 of what they sell them for in the stores. If your looking to get off the grid or just drop your electric bill this is perfect for you! Stay tuned for up and coming parts. I will seal these solar panels and test them in up and coming videos. We will even show how we install it on my own home and how I connect it to our grid tie inverter. I hope you enjoy the video. All the best, -Pete mixcatcom

My own solar system: Installing solar panels at my house

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Google Tech Talks August 3, 2007 ABSTRACT Case study of two googlers who had solar panels installed at their houses. Why? What the issues are? What the process is. How to size the system. How to place the system. How to predict your production. Energy conservation. How well did it work. System measurements. Credits: Speaker:Hy Murveit, Speaker:David Talkin, Speaker:Kurt Newick

Build Your Own Solar Array Panels

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Filed under Wind and Solar Solar array panels can now be easily installed by a homeowner in one weekend. With the new technology it is easy to save thousands by purchasing a kit and installing one yourself. In order to really save, the individual components can be bought and put together with some simple hand tools. This is for the do it yourselfer who has some mechanical acumen. For more information please visit http or

How It’s Made – Solar Panels simple way

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Now, in the purchase of panels, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factor is to consider your demand. Inspection or estimate the power consumption required for any electrical appliances in your home, you want your panels to power, .

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