Cheap Solar Power – President Obama’s YouTube Interview 2011

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3d animation | Wind Power | Anifex computer animation | Industrial Design | Product Design

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Filed under Wind and Solar 3d animation industrial design – product design of a 3d animated wind power generator that demonstrates wind power technology for an online 3d animation presentation, trade show exhibit and 3d computer animation video DVD. Anifex 3d creates high quality 3d animation for the industrial design, product design and wind power industries. Anifex 3d animations are created with the most powerful 3d software packages available 3d Studio Max and Maya. Anifex computer animation also uses Adobe products including After Effects and Sound Booth to complete the video editing and compositing of our 3d animation videos. The Evolution of Fire wind power 3d animation was created to demonstrate Anifex’s 3d ability to market industrial design and product design. The entire 3d model was created in Maya so that the parts, gears, belts, wind blade, etc. actually move in sync with each other. This allowed the 3d animation to achieve the photo realistic 3d quality by all the parts performing their function correctly. Anifex felt that it was important to draw the viewer in and make the connection between the hypothetical caveman’s first discovery of fire, which may have resulted from lightning hitting a tree and creating a spark. This connection was originally going to be created as a one cell cartoon that Anifex was going to place on the product design. As an afterthought, it was decided that it would have much more impact if a 3d animated character was used instead. The 3d

Jack Johnson’s Solar Powered Studio – CNN (Jan. 2008)

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An exclusive look at Jack Johnson’s new record “Sleep Through The Static” and Jack, Emmett Malloy and the Brushfire Records’ new solar powered studio.

How Solar Energy Panels Work

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How to build your own Home Solar Energy or Wind Turbine Power Plant.


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Filed under Wind and Solar This is a rollable 124 watt solar panel that has a built in adhesive for roof mounting application. The adhesive is designed to mount to roof pans or metal sheets that can then be placed on your roof. This design allows for reasonable shipping of higher wattage PV Photovoltaic Solar Panels.