Broken Moon – 52/72min Documentary

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Watch Full Film Here: See how the sun is burning our world up. To see more go to Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( Brimming with majesty, this HD documentary offers a startling glimpse of one of the most remote corners of the planet. As the sun beats down and the wind whips dust into his eyes, Sonam, a Himalayan nomad, struggles across a desperate, arid landscape. His region faces the most dramatic temperature rises on the planet. The climate has changed, suddenly turning his once beautiful world into an endless desert. Now Sonam and his people face a desperate decision, whether or not to leave their homeland forever, or stay on and fight the increasingly extreme weather. May 2011

Don’t make guns, make solar panels.

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If the American military was cut by 85 percent, it would still be the largest in the world. With talk of nixing 150 billion dollars from the military budget, then, what implication will this have on the US work force? Author David Swanson says the war-industry needs not cut workers, but convert them, rather. Turning war-machine makers into members of a peaceful industry would produce more jobs—and better paying ones at that, he argues. While talk rages on about military spending cuts, Swanson says we have yet to see anything of the like happen—and questions if America ever will. Follow Lucy on Twitter at

Germany’s First Offshore Wind Farm in the Baltic

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Filed under Wind and Solar; Angela Merkel watches on as her nation’s first offshore wind plant in the Baltic Sea is inaugurated. Also, the DOE’s National Science Bowl comes to a close, giving the first place prize to one lucky high school and middle school team. OUR FACEBOOK OUR TWITTER:

UFO crash hits wind turbine

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Join ITN on Facebook at A UFO is believed to have struck a giant wind turbine in South Lincolnshire. Follow us on Twitter at