A Delicious New Solar Cell Technology

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Researchers demonstrate a new solar cell technology based entirely on powdered donuts and passion tea. Please vote on Nanotation Video contest entry here: community.acs.org Copyright: All Rights Reserved by Blake Farrow

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

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Vote for this Illinois workNet video in the DOL Career Video Challenge for America’s Job Seekers. Click on “Your Vote Counts” link on www.illinoisworknet.com A Day-in-the-Life of Wind Turbine Service Technicians – Watch this video and visit www.illinoisworknet.com Sponsored by Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. (www.illinoisworknet.com) Produced by Illinois workNet and David Cain/UMEDIA, Inc. (www.umedia.net).

Windmill/Wind Turbine Explosion

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The braking mechanism that limits the speed of the wind turbine broke during a storm in Denmark. This was the outcome. 02/22-2008. jp.dk Bonus info: -The tower of the mill was 60m high -Wind speed was probably around 30 m/s -You can see a truck at the base of the mill, but nobody was hurt. The mill had been evacuated 400m in each direction. Vote Elgaard-Collins ’08!!