Raptor Generation 4 wind turbine blades, Fastest blades in the world

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our website www.mwands.com RAPTOR GENERATION4 BLADES BY MISSOURI WIND AND SOLAR. We made this film the day after the tornado hit Joplin. All we got here in Seymour was 85 mph winds gusts. The wind turbines were cranking on the store roof but they survived. My heart goes out to all those that died in Joplin. Friends of mine went there to help out anyway they could. This is tornado alley and we see alot of them. It’s not unusual for us to get 95 mph straight line winds through here. Whatever you have is gotta be tuff or loose it. Jeff


Morocco: Solar Power – The World Bank

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Morocco has just launched its first solar energy plant, one of what the North African country says will soon be many aimed at increasing energy with a clean source it has lots of-sun!

How Solar Energy Panels Work

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How to build your own Home Solar Energy or Wind Turbine Power Plant. floydbogart.com www.tripika.net