Vertical Axis Disk Wind Turbine

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How the turbine works: Rotatable shutters mounted on a circular disk automatically open when directed into the wind, irregardless of the wind’s direction. Pairs of upper and lower shutters are geared together. The lower shutter acts as a counterweight to the upper shutter. The bottom shutter opens in the downward direction and its weight helps to lift the upper shutter in the upward direction, as the wind applies an opening force against both shutters. When the shutters reach the vertical position, stops prevent them from opening further and the force of the wind is transferred from the open shutters to the circular disk. And the circular disk is attached to the vertical axis for power output. The circular disk, shutters, and outer vertical axis rotate together. The outer vertical axis is mounted via bearings over an inner vertical axis that is stationery. The shutters are blown closed by the wind (no stops in the opposite direction) as they reverse direction during their rotation and move into the wind on the opposite side of the wind turbine. When the wind is not blowing, the shutters open by gravity because the lower shutter is weighted to be slightly heavier than the upper shutter and it therefore can cause the upper shutter to open via the force of gravity as the two shutters are geared together. Wind blows against the open shutters and the open shutters with stops apply a force against the disk, but the open shutters with no stops (opposite side going into the wind

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27 Responses to “Vertical Axis Disk Wind Turbine”
  1. priyahthewhite says:

    @awd3atms theres a whole american dad episode on this…watch it….irregarding steve πŸ™‚

  2. feuchster says:

    Why are you adding “ir” to regardless? lol

  3. alexaquino47 says:

    run that in a week and it will fall apart, lots of moving spaces

  4. otivaeey says:

    @alexaquino47 what about engines running 5000 miles is equivalent to this runnning for millenia. You even never see engines leaking hot gases when they run. There are something called strength of material and stuffs like bearing and lubricant.

  5. vipervnm says:

    @otivaeey it’s an early 20th century bastardization of regardless and irrespective. It’s only a word to those who are poorly educated.

  6. s4a4v4y says:


  7. ivylsp says:

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  8. RooftopWind says:

    Hello, Liked the video. On Earth Day I won a green design contest for my home energy system the RoofMill. Have a look at my home wind turbine videos of installing and running Hybrid Energy Systems. Friends and Subscribers Wanted. Later ,
    Peace, Sam

  9. derman077 says:

    Oh cool. A new design. Good luck getting your patents. I t does have a strange look. It also looks highly efficient.. Thanks for the upload.

  10. RobOnDrugs says:

    IMO, lifting/shutting those flap will cost more energy than gained though such a design.
    Have you done the maths on this one?

  11. otivaeey says:

    @RobOnDrugs opening/closing is important for maximum wind push and minimum wind drag. As long as the material used for the flaps are light and non-malleable compared to the surface area of the flaps, then the flaps can be sizeable. The goal is to use flaps that can open/close as fast as possible to maximise wind energy transfer.

  12. snooter28 says:

    What im curious to know is how the bottom “blade” is shutting back? I can see the top one goinh back down due to gravity but the bottom one? Is the wind pushing it back up? If so thats taking a lot of pressure to keep it up and your not really being more efficient. but if it comes back up by other means other than the wind then i could see how this would work very well, either way it is spinning and that fact alone says that its atleast working.

  13. CoolHeal20 says:

    Looks like a ufo hehe πŸ™‚

  14. kennethvanhorn says:

    put solar panels on the blades of any wind turbine and get both powers at once and if one is not being used the other one is being used.kenneth van horn

  15. championsanubis says:

    This is a bad design, to sum it up in a word… snow.

  16. Rand0mManic says:

    I like this idea. A step in the right direction there is wasted energy in faster wind speed IMO where the air pressure between the closing shutter could lose a “little” bit of efficiency. Improvement on the design could have the onward wind create more vacuum between closing shutters to increase closing shutter speed.

    Another Idea on you base design is have the blades balanced on an axis rolling open to face the wind and rolling flat to decrease resistance


    If the blades could be balanced

  17. Rand0mManic says:

    To improve the rolling blade design a wind direction fin could be added to correct the blades to be collecting wind energy and rolling flat to avoide the energy.

    I was also thinging of win sails as in the shape of a yauct sail to collect the maximum angle of wind force. so to 35 deg an on comming wind the sail is still propelling the vawt forward .

  18. OrlandoSF says:

    Ok, about the irregardless part…Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s. There….

  19. otivaeey says:

    @snooter28 The bottom flap is latched together with the upper flap, but the bottom flap is slightly heavier, to pull open the bottom flap (and also the upper flap).

  20. lthrnca says:

    Out in my area I think the maintainance required for that kind of moving parts would make it impractical. I live in a desert and the sand would foul the flaps, slowing them down and making the system less effective.
    It is a nice design though.

  21. lthrnca says:

    Out in my area I think the maintainance required for that kind of moving parts would make it impractical. I live in a desert and the sand would foul the flaps, slowing them down and making the system less effective.
    It is a nice design though.

  22. suvrider says:

    The moving flaps cause too much turbulence on the object, over time it could fall apart.

  23. raoulduke25 says:

    @crazedNdiffused – Most of that research has already been done. This device, like any other drag device, has a peak power coefficient of 0.24, which is pretty lousy compared to the lift-based devices that are already in use (standard HAWT and Darrieus rotor). No drag-based device can ever perform well because the faster it moves, the less the drag force is. Lift devices on the other hand get more torque and more speed the faster they go.

  24. nerrutis says:

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  25. indibry says:

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