What Affects Solar Panel Costs

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www.solardave.com SolarDave: Does Akeena Solar Get Their Solar Panels at a Discount price for buying them in volume? Eric Bowman: There are a lot of things that solar panel costs, volume, quality, there are a lot of components to it, we are the only solar intergrator that has developed our own propiritory panel so we outsource the manufacturing of that to SunTech which at the end of this year will be the largest manufacturer in the world. They only make the Andalay solar panel for Akeena and Akeena only. It is our patent and our panel noboby can source the panel or install in the panel in the United States. Because we are a very large solar intergator, one of the largest and we are publicly held and we are on the NASDAQ:AKNS because we only sell that one type of panel for that residentail application our volume is not like a Sharp or a BP that might sell to multiple brokers across the United States. But we are extremely competitive when it comes to cost and value proposition, realiablity, aestecis and cost. Our clients get a win all the time. Here is a small mock up of the Andalay panel the biggest difference you are going to see between the Andalay panel and any other panel in the past 30 years including everything that is being installed today, a traditional panel has aluminum racking and a non structural panel that sits on top of that, the wires are connected together and there is a perimeter ground system around that has to go around. So what we have done for our

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12 Responses to “What Affects Solar Panel Costs”
  1. inventorisac says:

    Alternativas Eolica e hidraulica

  2. kennedy7955 says:

    You say mounted flush to the roof but that is not the case nor preferable. The panels are mounted several inches above the roof so that water and ice can flow underneath and also for air flow to keep panels cooler. Panels run more efficiently at lower temperatures.

  3. dhymers says:

    looks like its only flat roof also, anything Andelay for spanish tile / tile roofs ? ..

  4. khillosoubra says:

    @kennedy7955 when technicians say flush, they mean level with the roof, no angels. you are right you do need spacing for ventilation. andalay systems are installed on stand off mounts

  5. jesopca says:

    In buiding solar panels with the intent of installing byass diodes to prevent hotspots that may occur as a result of shading to a portion of the panel how must the bypass diodes be installed ( pos to negative and neg to pos), and is it enough to count the voltage of the cells that will be bypassed and multiply the amps and voltage, than double to determine the size of the diode? thank you

  6. robert0380 says:


    Anyone can make a solar panel. What he’s saying is that that particular panel is a proprietary patented design. Sun light is free for the taking yes. Solar panels that take this and convert it into a source of energy is NOT free.

  7. worseto says:

    @kennedy7955 You got him there good point .i mean you owned him all the way.

  8. TheGalvanFamily says:

    Great. But now can you provide us with 30MW in a decent time frame? Are you now Westinghouse Solar since has merged with Andalay?

  9. TheGalvanFamily says:

    george at global us solar dot com -(no spaces) we need 30MW today!

  10. frankjohnston25 says:

    “solar panel cost”

  11. sowhat10able says:

    He did not answer question .. COST ???

  12. chuckbyf1 says:

    Soooo, as usual, no actual cost were discussed.

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