Wind Energy

May 28, 2011 by  
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Reno County Kansas explores wind energy during a visit to the Elk River Wind Farm near Beaumont Kansas

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7 Responses to “Wind Energy”
  1. Coolflames101 says:

    Great video guys. You got my support 😀

  2. plyride1944 says:

    I urge everyone to drive 5 miles south of Boumont, KS and get a close-up look at these wind turbines. They are silent giants, very impressive.

  3. pacificcresttrans says:

    Wind energy has been in use for many years now, the recent debate on climate change however has brought wind power back into the spotlight. The United States is leading the world in terms of wind power capacity. Wind energy represents nearly 5% of the US electrical generation and is targeted to reach 20% in the future. Transformer company Pacific Crest Transformers offers energy-efficient transformers for wind energy farms.

  4. WindPowerKits says:

    Nice video i like it. Have a look at my Home Wind Turbine videos, pretty cool system I put on my Home Rooftop. My RoofMill design just won a green design contest. Friends and subscribers welcome.

  5. michaelkks says:

    Very nice!!! GREAT JOB! I visit the Elk River wind farm often!!! -Michael Kasselman, wind energy advocate!!

  6. leamyvideo says:

    GOO wind power. I am an installer for small wind an love it.

  7. windturbinesinc says:

    Energy coming from the wind is clean and safe compared to other energy resources. The silent wind turbine can carry a heavier work load depending on the speed of the wind. A full wind blow can double the performance of wind turbines in generating electricity. Location is very important in maximizing the full potential of a wind turbine.

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