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This is my Wind max wind turbine. I have been running the 1kw for over a year and i have had not one problem. Please do your homework when buying a micro wind turbine. The warranty for the Windmax is in place so a professional can wire it in, as well as give the homeowner a gauruntee on the wiring, then Windmax can be assured the turbine will work properly for any proper troubleshooting that may be needed in the future. Most people only have a very limited electrical background. Take a look around youtube and you will see why Windmax wants a professional to wire them. These turbines are not meant to be altered. They are meant to be taken right out of the box, installed, and used at a site that has enough wind to even consider a wind turbine. Do you see Windmax, Bergey, Raum, Skystream, Proven, or any other proffesional sealed PMA-wind turbine offering 4 different style blades sets, hubs, spray chemicals to seal the insides of the PMA? I wonder why? Wind is suppose to be simple, not a nightmare of cost and confusions. Again, my name is Larry from Leamy Electric Inc. A speical thanks goes out to Jeff Harmon of Missouri Wind and Solar for doing outstaning video’s on the wind max. Please check out his video’s on the wind max as they are very informative. If you want real facts please email me i will be happy to share.

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16 Responses to “Wind Max wind turbine Happy owner”
  1. mrbr549 says:

    Looks like some really nice wind generators. I don’t understand why they put two holes under the turbine if the case itself is sealed. Looks like that would expose the internal parts to moisture, bugs, etc. Also, any idea how long your payback will be on these systems?

  2. helloman1976 says:

    Is that superstrut on your roof or is that something from a like Unirac or what? I need to mount my panels as well so I’m curious what you used and how much and where you got it. Thanks.

  3. leamyvideo says:

    @mrbr549 Well what ever the case they work great. Like i said i am not taking them apart to prove a point nor am i not really sure if they have a gasket. I can tell you they are very dependable and are built to last. I will keep posting as the years go on. Thanks for the comment and watching.

  4. leamyvideo says:

    @helloman1976 Yes, i used Unirac for most of the solar system and some of it is Galv. strutt. I got the Unirac from my solar supplier. I had some left over from a few solar jobs we did. The strutt i had at my shop again, from extra materials left over from an electrical job. Either one works good you just have to be more savoy wih the strutt.

  5. leamyvideo says:

    @mrbr549 Yeah they pay back is about 15 years, sure not like a solar payback> LOL There is just something about a wind turbine i just love.

  6. Fearlessthinker says:

    Look at those dudes crank. LOL. Nice job.

  7. leamyvideo says:

    @Fearlessthinker Thanks buddy.

  8. MrSciencePHD says:

    The vent holes are mainly for air pressure. As the stator heats up, the air in the PMA expands and these holes allow that to equalize with the outside air. One of my students reports that China has over 50,000 of these type units depolyed across China so they are years ahead of the rest of the world in micro turbine design and manufacturing. I’d rather have my money keep 100 Chinese workers employed than 1 American scam artist whose products are inferior by all measures. Ed.

  9. islaguy100 says:

    great video larry, i’m going to look closely at your roof mount and see what i can come up with.

  10. leamyvideo says:

    @islaguy100 Yeah, i had you inmind when i did this for the bracket

  11. leamyvideo says:

    @MrSciencePHD Thanks ED. I am so glad someone could confrim the holes. I have read alot on the China wind turbine industry and you are right they are light years ahead of us. Thanks for helping me out on that.
    It is also good to see someone post good information to learn from. Great Comment!!

  12. shartne says:

    how about a 60 amp reading

  13. leamyvideo says:

    @shartne 60 amps?? The most i have recoreded using a wattsview was 49a so far in about 28 MPH winds. I am grid tie so i am looking for watts. I would immagine i would need aboout 35+ MPH winds to hit 60 amps. My system is not about making big amps for seconds at a time nor for braging rights to say i made 60 amps. I am looking for constant annnaul Kw production. For a closer constant 60amps i use solar panels.
    I hope this answers your question.

  14. murrayjm1 says:

    Really enjoyed Mr.Science comment on employment vrs scam artists ! Larry, grrr no more negative comments on other people . As soon as your solar pool pump arrives, give us a Vid on it buddy.

  15. scamsearcher says:

    Great video– I sure would like to try out the WM. I am installing windy nation 750 now. I still have room for another turbine so i might have to buy one for a good comparison
    Great job and I agree that we now have a global market and everything we own is made from all over the world. SO if it is from CHine and it is a good product. Then i have no problem buying it. Thanks for the actual live cliip

  16. leamyvideo says:

    Yeah man it is not about where you pruchase it is about what you are getting outof your purchase.
    I just hope people understand my measagea bout a wnd turbines and what to look for besides production.
    Thanks for the comment. Love your video’s. you will have good production with that WN.

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