Wind Mill Fire @ Kent Hills Wind Farm

May 14, 2011 by  
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Egin, Salisbury & Riverview Fire respond to a Wind Mill on fire at the Wind Mill Farm in Parkingdale/ Caledonia Mountain at 8:48am. There was nothing the Fire dept could do but watch it burn as they have nothing that goes up that high. This is about 30 kms outside of Riverview New Brunswick. Damage will be in the millions of dollars. Video aired on CTV , CBC & Global NEWS.

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25 Responses to “Wind Mill Fire @ Kent Hills Wind Farm”
  1. ccoraxfan says:

    @juxtapos99 But my point is that these other generators cannot be taken offline so long as we’re relying on wind power, because at any moment the wind could die, and if other generators aren’t already online and ready to be ramped up, there would be a blackout. This means the wind turbines cannot replace conventional power plants. Got any solution?

  2. juxtapos99 says:

    @ccoraxfan same article. “Wind is not as variable as people may think. Our experience shows that, if a wind generator is operating at a certain level at present, there is an 80 percent probability that it will be operating within ±10 percent of that level one hour from now. And, there is a 60 percent probability that it will be oper-ating within ±10 percent of that level five hours from now. We’re also encouraged that better forecasting will enable us to better predict the output from the wind”

  3. juxtapos99 says:

    @ccoraxfan idling the power plants is the best we can do. that’s a good thing. that’s our only option until the grid controls the demand side as well. we’ll need the power plants as backup for many more years, though not relying on them as much to be primary power sources. 20% wind means without adding new power plants to compensate.

    my electric utility is just starting a program to cycle off A/C during peak times so things are improving slowly on the demand side of the equation..

  4. ccoraxfan says:

    @juxtapos99 Do you realize just how much energy an idling power plant uses? In many power plants, idling means switching the power output from the grid to the cooling towers. The plant continues to operate as usual, only its power is now wasted. For this reason coal, nuclear and other baseload power plants usually operate continuously, and standby plants which can be started up quickly burn natural gas or diesel fuel. The more we rely on wind, the more standby capacity we need.

  5. ccoraxfan says:

    @juxtapos99 Wind power also destabilizes the grid, because of its variability. Various sources say that much of Denmark’s 20% wind power is actually sold at a loss outside Denmark because it can’t be used when it’s available, and when it’s not available and needed, fossil fuel power plants have to make up the difference, or it has to be purchased at a high cost from other countries. These wind turbines could be actually increasing emissions, not decreasing them!

  6. juxtapos99 says:

    @ccoraxfan i dunno dude argue with PJM and their article. they should know what they are doing.

  7. OgdenZero says:

    @s6u6r6f6 Once again, fuckwit, NO ONE said a damned thing about cost savings. NO ONE.

    No one said ANYTHING about inexpensive. EVER.

    It’s available in the US and we don’t have to import WIND nor does harnessing it change the wind itself.

    Try responding to what I said, not your own fictitious straw-man arguments and junk logic.

  8. webworkhere says:

    Looks like a wrong conection, they’re math skills are probably good no common sense though.

  9. webworkhere says:

    Sightings like this arn’t for arguments, looks like someone hooked the wrone prongs. This is educational whatever happen we can learn more from.

  10. IconOfSin88 says:

    I find that funny. Someone really messed up!

  11. eckyspondoolie says:


  12. cohortmfg says:

    Wind Turbine Brake Pads – Cohortmfg

  13. DrEvil814 says:

    this is what I like to see

  14. 3369104 says:

    Most fires like this occur because of hydraulic systems overheating with improper or incorrectly spec’d fluid…

  15. p0gothem0nkey says:

    wind turbines are terrible and they’re extremely noisy they should be banned coal power plants FTW!

  16. kokx89 says:

    @p0gothem0nkey xD lol,dumbass

  17. cranelift says:

    either a bad bearing or gearbox lack of lubrication

  18. wyrrox says:

    global warming?

  19. pinewood189 says:

    when I see a wind mill I get the same feeling I get when I see a fat chick

  20. TheJman6360 says:

    bad wiring!

  21. s6u6r6f6 says:

    garbage in garbage out true believer.
    put your money where your mouth is: buy stock in GE

  22. AnotherGlenn says:

    It was arson!

  23. phatrides222000 says:

    lol doesnt look like clean energy to me, lol

  24. LIGHTRONIX says:


  25. hammondtree says:

    Does anybody know what the smoke signals of the Wind Mill mean? Perhaps: “I’m the cleaner energy!” [irony off]

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