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Homemade wind power

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  1. meyiyiyi55 says:

    youre to much! nice setup and execution.

  2. Numberonebikeslover says:

    Nice video; the wind turbines I have seen on the internet (otherpowers website) have such huge blades. This one is with such nice small blades yet so powerful. What is the trick?

  3. ChrisLuxembourg says:

    @Numberonebikeslover Here’s no trick! With the 5.5m high reinforced concrete tower I reduce vibrations of the alternator. The power connection works with a high flexibel cable from the pivot point to the terminal box. The nominal power of the alternator(Shimano hub dynamo) is 6Watt. The fiber-reinforced plastic 3-blade rotor has got a diameter of 90cm, it’s for 6Watt absolutely oversized, but I’m sure that the alternator works with a breeze! A reliable machine, it’s running over 5years now…

  4. BungaEBiker says:

    Very nice, so is your home powered completely by the charge coming from the turbine? Or do you have a reversible meter on your home that can spill access charge and allow charge to come threw if you need it? I have seen many instillations and I think everyone should have one.

  5. ChrisLuxembourg says:

    @BungaEBiker Thanks, it’s only to charge the 6 12V/88Ah batts in my garden shed (island system). In the summer the solar module works well, but that changes quick in autumn. Then the wind power with only 6-7Watt overtake the solar power with 32Watt…

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