Wind Powered Beach Mutant Robot

May 25, 2011 by  
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Wind powered skeletal robot made from cheap plastic tubes and rope. Wings gather wind which is stored in bottles and when enough energy is gathered it can move on its many legs. Reuters 7968/05

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25 Responses to “Wind Powered Beach Mutant Robot”
  1. amustsee says:

    it’s cool but it kinda creeps me out…

  2. PandemicDead says:

    1. put your middle finger on your nose
    2. say the name of someone you like
    3.tomorrow they will ask you out or say i love u
    4. post this to 2 other vids and this will come true

  3. madichelp0 says:

    u sure? ofc it’s scary as fuck

  4. Mattros says:

    that pretty cool. how exactly dose it store the wind energy in bottles though?

  5. cozrulez says:

    it looks like the sails pump up a compreeor which then moves the legs in turn
    pretty ingenious

  6. ASlipperyBannana says:

    loolol my house too

  7. TheAussiNut says:

    He’s 1 insainly inteligent bloke but how the hell he came up with that monstrossity & made it work amaizes me

  8. Titouc76 says:

    Leonardo Da Vinci’s reincarnation ! XD

  9. brave2k7 says:

    Beautifull ! specially how legs move.
    But we, with my brother, are going to achieve more.
    We will add balance to movement.
    Perhaps we can se it in autum, next year.
    But still — walking and low use of energy is beautiful !

  10. StuPadazzo says:

    Why is there a Zebra sign on the beach at the 24 second mark….?

  11. hoyKumaG says:

    thsts how engine works

  12. perryboy73 says:

    its a zebra crossing sign

  13. CaptMARNEY says:


  14. ido187 says:

    LOL!! “Wings gather wind which is stored in bottles” yeah, and what about thunder stored in a bottle?:D

  15. BEWash says:

    This is pretty ingenious. Can any of your inventions carry a load?

  16. SuckyMeSucky says:

    it is out side my house

  17. sabata2 says:

    My question is how do these ‘robots’ know to move away or towards the tide?

    Ingenious design, I’ll admit. Very impressive. But not efficient at all. You can hear all the creaking of the PVC joints, and that loses most of the wind energy right there.
    All this guy needs is frictionless surfaces so that the energy transfer can be as complete as possible.

  18. GeniusBumProductions says:

    @TheAussiNut he came up with the idea from some old di vinci ideas and drawings

  19. PowerUpXX says:

    the entire time i was just thinking “kick it in the shins!!!!!”

  20. PowerUpXX says:

    of course only after i stopped thinking about the genius behind it

  21. TjinDeDjen says:

    he would never win battle robots championship with this….

  22. SuperZalex says:

    Awesome! Just, awesome!

  23. dirtysanchezproducti says:

    @TheAussiNut drugs…

  24. DasFunkwagen says:

    just wait till he figures out how to make them breed

  25. zeppy215 says:

    Welcome to the Machine!

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