Wind turbine noise – Suncor wind farm Ripley

May 22, 2011 by  
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Noise from wind turbines at the Suncor wind farm Ripley Ont. Even though it has a 700 meter setback people are suffering from lack of sleep. They have also lost the enjoyment of their property.

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25 Responses to “Wind turbine noise – Suncor wind farm Ripley”
  1. Adamazeroni says:

    Sorry that you have to live with this. They might be putting wind turbines where I live, so I decided to go out and actually hear a wind turbine in person. I can totally see why they would drive you insane after a week ! Let alone months or years !

  2. 1bfunusa says:

    BELIEVE THE NOISE. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING BIG WIND OR GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU. I live 1662 feet from a single 1.65MW 400 foot tall wind turbine in Falmouth, MA 02540. We were fed fiction when it was proposed.
    Since the day it began turning in early 2010 its sound has been driving a number of us crazy. So now they are building another, even closer to homes.
    Green mania has gone completely wrong. It is driving some of us from our homes. 30 years here and a fricking windmill forces me to move. BF

  3. sbtech01 says:

    the usual NIMBY whining.

  4. skaternrg says:

    Your complaining about a little noise, but wait till global warming begins to drastically affect our climat and you will then say goodbye to your land, sleep and well how anoying that is.. DONT BE SO IGNORANT — THIS IS A SOLUTION

  5. ImTheSecretSquare says:

    I guess it’s just because I live in an urban area but this doesn’t sound that loud. You can clearly hear birds chirping and so forth over it. Certainly no louder than the busy road a half mile away from me.

  6. dangzh24 says:

    people who complain about the noise are either crazy or they are paid by BP to hinder clean energy development.

  7. HappyComfort says:

    OK yeah I really wouldn’t want to hear that all day and especially at night…. it would probably be good to put them where people aren’t living!

  8. mountainmink says:

    @Adamazeroni I would rather live by a wind turbine than a strip mine like I do.

  9. jamminjelly117 says:

    Yup, a low hum is way worse than anything coal could ever do, that’s for sure.

  10. sheenasparkles says:

    @atomcatt oh boohoo. stop moaning for god sake. it is not that bad. cry baby!!

  11. filmerado says:

    This wind energy bullshit is a living hell

  12. AvalonBronte says:

    Don’t worry folks, there’s plenty of oil, and if climate change is the price we have to pay for ‘saving our countryside’ from all those nasty horrible ingrowing toenail causing wind turbines, then so be it, the birds and the bats will just have to drown along with the rest of us, but least it will save the odd dozy red kite from bashing its head on one of dem windymilly thingummys…! 😉 )

  13. ipmmm says:

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  14. ccook1981 says:

    your all full of it I have been to wind farms and its not that bad you have done somthing to the sound

  15. MrProwind says:

    @atomcatt your an idiot no turbines make that noise i have been round thousands of them

  16. bernard240vdc says:

    myself i am not against harnessing the power of the wind but yes when these wind projects are planned consultation with people close to these projects is a must and maybe these projects should be situated at a distance from nearby homes and maybe the project owners forced to pay top dollar to property owners adversely affected

  17. TalksWithDirt says:

    Gosh, I’d gladly live with that in the background. I hear no problem with it at all.

  18. MrHappyebby says:

    these seem like good targets for a high powered rifle.thats just the nature lovin hillbilly in me india people shit in the street right outside in front of their house.this does not seem much different.

  19. electrickithara says:

    They can put wind farms in the plains where the population isn’t as dense. These are the first generation. They should get quieter as time goes by.

  20. FriendlyGeekClassics says:

    oh please i dont care about the noise. Ever lived near an airport??? a railroad yard??? comes with the territory. But the reason i oppose wind power is that it is just too undependable. We need nuclear or coal plants.

  21. lta6494 says:

    Nice example of either pure greed on the carbon credit side, or just another example of liberal unintended consequences.

  22. bvadams1234 says:

    I like noise, so I would enjoy the subtle sound of the turbines, but that’s just me. I’m pretty sure that most other people couldn’t take that sound all of the time. They should move wind turbines to desolate areas, where no one lives, so other people won’t be disturbed.

  23. caribousteaks says:

    Thats ridiculous! Cut those things down. They spoil the view they sound awful and they cost more than they produce. WIND is a joke! Put them in the Ocean where they belong. Let the ships run into them. Stupid wind.

  24. williamwagener says:

    Never heard of this Wind noise problem. they have these on hills outside of Mojawe, Ca. and never heard a complaint, but no one actually LIVEs within 1500 meters of them. there is a string of them very visible from Hwy 58 as you cross the Tahactapi Mountains.

  25. bchow398 says:

    The US Government put up money for wind power but did not specify that the money had to be spent inside the USA so the grants ended up going to make windmills in China. So we paid China to make Wind Power to do basically all of the problems that you guys are complaining about.

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