Wind Turbine PVC Blade Design

May 14, 2011 by  
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Video which quickly describes one method which can be used to make a PVC blade.

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25 Responses to “Wind Turbine PVC Blade Design”
  1. ungenauer says:

    great, 5*!

  2. sjh7132 says:

    Don’t forget about the hub radius. I think your blade would have a little less curve at the end if you started r at about 6 inches.

  3. sjh7132 says:

    I agree, the leading edge should approach 90 degrees at the hub center or 1/4 pipe. Not half a pipe.

  4. sjh7132 says:

    When I did this, I pretty much came up with the same equations, but I didn’t bother with angle of attack. (I just figured loaded it will run a little below it’s target TSR.)

    I think you made a mistake converting angles to distance around the tube. It should be angle (rads) * tube radius. I think you might have used tube diameter.

    At the hub center it should be close to 90 degrees, not 180.

  5. GreenEngineer07 says:

    Um . . . . I am not smart enough to answer that. . . my guess is no

  6. GreenEngineer07 says:

    There are some mistakes in the Video which were brought to my attention by some other users. The correct results can be found by following the link in my profile at the small wind turbine collaborative design site

  7. sjh7132 says:

    This video didn’t make it clear that you planned to put a skin across the open side of the tube, like the web page shows. Most people just use the open tube. My comments about your calculations are not valid for your configuration.

  8. GreenEngineer07 says:

    Good point, there is no skin shown in the video, I have been negligent on my testing and really have not confirmed which works best.

  9. yox046 says:

    I´m a student of Industrial engineer. I´m studying about wind turbine of low power in special: outline blades based in tubes. I am looking for some information about this and if it is possible, could you help me?I would know if the measures that you use to make the blades come from your investigations or you take it in others investigations?
    I want to ask if you know where I can obtain more information.
    Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours faithfully

  10. eloid777 says:

    lets see the blades in action and some
    voltmeter readings, thanks for sharing

  11. davidrrrd says:

    i folowed links to the site but cant find anything on the site?

  12. electricshiver says:

    What Dj and track is that your playing in your video?

  13. kilynhoward says:

    This reminds me of my friend’s custom cabinet shop. The designer was working hours on the design, the dimension numbers, bla bla. And while he spent all day doing it, the cabinet maker just went into the shop and made it without any diagrams. The perfection here is a joke because the amount of function and performance gained isn’t worth the design time. This proves over educated people spend way too much time dreaming, while the average guy just gets it done. The music is really annoying too.

  14. x250f23x says:

    Im sorry but cabinets have nothing to do with efficiency. Extracting every bit of energy is the name of the game.

  15. SkeyeDreamer says:

    thank you!!! very interesting i made my own rotor with a week-end of work. The turbine works amazing! Onest 120 watt!!! the previous socket (without diagrams) only 75-80 watt at max! very nice. Thank you soo much!!

  16. derman077 says:

    quickly describes one method for one percent of the population of the planet. you might as well be speaking greek for the rest of us, except the greeks who you would be speaking spanish to. way to go fuknuts

  17. ikedasquid says:

    @kilynhoward Yes, and that’s how a bunch of garbage men and carpenters created all those 787s over a weekend and 2 cases of Coors light. You’re an idiot.

  18. markbeermonster says:

    Nice vid and the the tune is rocking

  19. shirteesdotnet says:

    I used the soy sauce, but dont notice much difference! Please help!

  20. forx4crawler says:

    is your design efficient i want to know how does your blade perform especially about the/with wake effect ( not trying to pick a fight, just wanted to know if pvc designs can be good )

  21. henrykay01 says:

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  22. energyman1988 says:

    too technical.

  23. Soonmush says:

    The vid is way too fast for dummies 😉 Do you have a good link for pdf etc?

  24. GreenEngineer07 says:

    Look for a link to my website on my main page Try this link, scroll down a ways and you should see a document related to blade design. Your correct it is really to fast to get much out of it, but I thought it was at least a way to provide an overview that was not boring.

  25. Wordinary says:

    absolutely terrible music

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