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Watch in 1080 HD for best quality. Shots of Loscar Common Wind Farm, Harthill, South Yorkshire. The three turbines have a 95 metre tip height and a hub height of 60 metres. The three wind turbines can just be spotted from the M1 motorway; to the west of Woodall services between J30/J31. With special thanks to Shayne Kasai (Karma Sequence) for the use of ‘Erosion’ as the soundtrack. ‘Erosion’ can be found on his first album; Beginning You can hear more of Shayne’s work on his YouTube site and also his website. Youtube Website Shop http Camera: Panasonic HDS-SD700 Shot at both 25fps and also at 50fps for the slow motion shots. Edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro 17.

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14 Responses to “Wind Turbines”
  1. firemanvic36c says:

    sorry Ian,but i am dead against these things,must be my age,i love scenery and the countryside,and for me there just a blot on the landscape.i wont live to see it ,but they will cover the land and sea,and they are waste of money when there is no wind.i would vote for power stations all the time or other ways of making harnessing nature

  2. Bevoin1970 says:

    Never knew wind turbines could look so artistic – cracking zoom at the start as you zoomed back out, I now fully understand your comment from last time now 🙂
    Your certainly exploring all the features on your new camera Ian, gives off excellent results judging by what I have seen so far.
    Was up north Yorks myself today, Grimsdon, Gilling East YO62 looked for you on the M1 bridge, spotted turbo tony again I think southbound…
    Top Marks 5*
    Paul 🙂

  3. 1958IanM says:

    Thanks Paul
    Another one of my ‘on my home from work’ videos.
    I just loved the two contrasts between the power station and the wind turbines and also the really old wind pump in the next field at the end.
    Passing your way late morning on my way to sunny Cradley Heath. I’ll have my fingers crossed I don’t break down like last time I went there!

  4. 1958IanM says:

    I know what you mean Vic and they aren’t the full answer to providing all our power.
    I would hate to think how many you would need to replace the mighty Drax.
    But we have them, and to be honest in small groups like this, I quite like them!

  5. TheRubberDuck1 says:

    Very good video!

  6. 1958IanM says:

    Thanks Giuseppe

  7. slimmon2000 says:

    I really enjoyed that Ian. You got the tempo of the music and video just right.
    I’m going to have to put some more pennies in the piggy bank this year and get a proper HD camcorder. Your ideas are unique and enjoyable to watch.

    BIG 5*

  8. 1958IanM says:

    Thanks Andy.
    I suppose, if nothing else, it makes a change from ‘view of yet another truck on the motorway’. Well, at least for me it does.
    I’ve given up trying to save my pennies as THE BOSS always spends my pounds at a faster rate 🙂
    Stock market tip for you. Buy shares in M&S, Next, Primark and Sainsburys. Massive profits this year!


  9. eggfromsywell says:

    It might be because I come from a very engineering family (My mum’s an engineer, my Dad has done Engineering in the past, as well as my uncle and I’m a truck driver that does a lot of mechanics) but I find the modern wind turbines as a beautiful piece of modern engineering compared to the horrendous blot on the landscape that the coal or nuclear power station behind it is. I think the turbines are more natural looking, like a 21st century wind mill

  10. Mr61jack says:

    Excellent picture quality. I like the close up at 3.21.
    And the contrast between the old and new Wind Turbines.
    Looks like in the Netherlands!!! :-)) 5*


  11. 7784Patrick says:

    hi Ian
    the music is very nice with that video,and the quality of image of the video is realy at the top.I heard that many people dont like these windmills but for me the are in the landscape of the 21 century ,it is nicest when you see3 or 4 together not more
    thanks for sharing

  12. NorgeChris says:

    Windmills are our future. And I don´t unterstand people who say no to this. They don´t want to have Nuclearpower (thats okay!), no coal, oil etc. They want to have nothing. Okay, so please go in the wood and live in a cave! But make no fire with wood that is not good for the Ozone Layer!
    But a great vid and I like the scene old and new windmill.

  13. YOZcreative says:

    Great to see another tuber making videos of Shayes music, never heard this song but I like it straight away! And the video is great. Always found those wind turbines fashinating somehow. Cool idea to make a video with them!

  14. aid2003 says:

    They are very where around Europe now..
    Even couple of them here in Austria..
    People told me they should be very noisy..
    So some tourists dont like them

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