Wind Turbines on the Plains

May 23, 2011 by  
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The recently commissioned Centennial Wind Power Facility near Swift Current, SK 83 x Vestas V80 – 1.8MW Wind Turbines

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25 Responses to “Wind Turbines on the Plains”
  1. EverestGuy says:

    Video was shot at the site approx 40 km SSE of Swift Current, SK, Canada

  2. joey3469 says:

    yay! I love wind power!

  3. bergje82 says:

    i’m going to mary a wind turbine. Theses are really powerful beauty’s. ‘Nobody has to die for the fuel’ LOL

  4. slarmas says:

    dude wind power blows (you know someone just had to say this πŸ™‚

  5. uppitybunny says:

    God bless these beautiful birds.

  6. farmscom says:

    I love the idea of windpower – alot of farmers would be interested in having these generate green energy all year round on their farms…

  7. jaimeb87 says:

    wind power rocks!!! lol yeah those vestas V90’s or V80’s are a decent turbines i know this cause im a wind tech!

  8. yonosoyana says:

    Those wind turbines are Danish wind turbines!

  9. applecore17 says:

    nobody “dies” for electricity

  10. pederhansen says:

    It is time to think outside the barrel… Windpower is one of the ways to go.

  11. whoiga says:

    Gah, even from behind an LCD display, those turbine blades look like they’re going to claw my eyes out every pass. Hehe.

  12. JoMo91 says:

    i think anyone who has a problem with wind powered electricity must be insane! whats the problem? i cant see one! a constant and renuable energy source? whats there to complain about???? Wind Power IS the way forward!!!!!

  13. loveflowers39 says:

    how many hawks and birds of prey hit these blades? Use solar panels. Less maitinance.

  14. BanjoNaps says:

    some times they leak lubricant onto the blades and that gets flung out into the environment (which really isn’t a problem with newer models). In the winter after a big freeze when they start up gigantic chunks of ice will fall off them and can be dangerous for the cattle (and for me). Other then that I love em! Don’t they just look like the future should look?

  15. axeholm says:

    Hey cleetus r had some baked beans and r need to fart, bit smelly but powerful goord.

  16. JoMo91 says:

    Ahh i didnt know about theyr environmental factors πŸ˜› but yes i agree about the future, but my theory goes like this

    “The future will look however we make it look”

    but yes, wind power is the future!!!

  17. shymexcub says:

    “…The fuel is available in all countries…”

    Are you sure about that?

    I may be wrong, but I understood that only certain regions in the world have the uniform wind patterns required to really benefit from eolic energy.

  18. shymexcub says:

    I ment to say: “More or less uniform wind speeds THROUGHOUT THE YEAR”.

  19. windpowerrocks says:

    Check out my vids on wind power…

  20. sgtbarone says:

    those are beautiful machines

  21. scudlington says:

    Nobody has to die for the fuel…that’s true. But what isn’t true is the 150MW output. At best it’s 40MW and why oh why do windfarmists always have to use the analogy ‘enough for x amount of thousands of homes?’ Just total bull. Power has to be fed into the grid and from these mills; power that has peaks and troughs that make the Himalayas look flat. These things are symbolic only, cost all of us a fortune and the all important c02?…Well, you’d be better off corking a half empty bottle of coke

  22. flamable2pac says:

    lol scudlington you are a fck tard yes it is 150 mw, and they pay for themselves in 3 years, sounds like a great investment to me, i would know i was up one this morning i am a turbine technician. Don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

  23. WockneysRedBarrel says:

    Lets put things into context.
    A recent study (Sovacool,2009) in the journal. “Energy Policy”, vol. 37 stated “wind farms killed approximately seven thousand birds in the United States in 2006 but nuclear plants killed about 327,000 and fossil-fueled power plants 14.5 million”.

  24. Merle1987 says:

    I heard Saskatchewan has a good economy. But what’s the cost of living like?

  25. HomeWindTurbines7 says:

    Nice video dude. Beautiful.

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