Wind Turbines

April 13, 2011 by  
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Canada’s first official hearings into the health effects of wind turbines are underway.

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16 Responses to “Wind Turbines”
  1. wilomica says:

    Apparently wind turbines are a cause of hypochondria!

  2. erocicTheGreat says:

    Would they rather live beside a nuclear or coal power plant instead? Doesn’t matter what it is, someone will always complain.

  3. desertfox778 says:

    Except, that if they own that land and have the proper zoning from the government they can do what ever they like on that land so long as its legal

    Anyone who thinks wind power is bad for your health needs to sit down and weigh the possible negative effects some groups report, against the documented effects that coal, gas and other powerplants have already cause

    I for one would rather deal with a head ache them poison air

  4. MichaelBramble says:

    Correlation does not imply causation.

  5. leroysky96 says:

    Its just like organic foods , people are HIRED to talk negative about threats to the PIG-PLEASING corporations. These corporations are only concerned with profit, not saving the only home we have within light years from here.

  6. sohcsarewicked says:

    Ontario is strange because they allow brutal Rodeos and enslave Elephants but here we have people protesting wind turbines go figure.

  7. RantyChris says:

    The thing with vibrations causing illness is that people fail to realize that other factors, such as traffic in the region may be causing the ill effects. I’ve never heard an argument against wind turbines that actually hold up to evidence.

    Also, would people rather have coal or nuclear?

    This is a true example of Not-in-My-Backyardism

  8. davidthe1 says:

    omg nowdays peoples are so fucked up… protesting against everything….. get a fucking life you cant get everything you want -.- stupid city people….

  9. candevhec says:

    Wind turbines are very VERY dangerous for peoples healt if they are closer than 1.5 Km to their home, in fact some serious studies said that within 2,5 Km they are still dangerous. In Germany, France massively people are reacting againts the so called ” Windmill farm”.

    It is not Not-in-My-Backyardism. Wind turbines are far from beeing as green as Greenpeace and other organization pretend.

  10. candevhec says:

    ”Wind Mill Farm” is an imposture. The average production for European countries is 20%, in U.K. the off-shore production was in 2010 only 23,6%. New turbines can’t produce more than 28% a year.

    Consequently it means that Hydro-Ontario will have to built conventional Electric Power Plant to compensate for the lack of productivity. In other words Wind Mill ”farms” are expensive to build because the production is deceiving and not reliable.

  11. army2k08 says:

    Let her choose..wind turbine or nuclear plant?

  12. JoshMartin77 says:

    Pretty sure there’s more vibration and sound and everything else that turbines produce (oh, also pollution, etc) in downtown cities and they’re relatively the same healthiness. What’s the explanation there?

  13. SWilliamJackson says:

    The World Health Organization has studied the effect of ELF (Extremely Low Freq.) and EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) for FIFTEEN YEARS and have found NO evidence to support a human health risk.

    Science bitches, it works.

  14. Deadmansparty2002 says:

    Interesting, I can only say that I’m happy I don’t have a wind turbines in the area where I live.

  15. ALAPINO says:

    Booo hooo.

    Read the research OR move.

  16. Chemicalogic says:

    Nuclear causes cancer and death. Coal causes sickness and death and massive emissions. All documented. And wind turbines cause headaches. Take your pick.

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